If you reside in New Hampshire, and are considering a career in healthcare, you’ll be pleased to find out that the state’s job projection for the majority of health-related occupations is very strong. Per the 2017 report issued by the New Hampshire Department of Labor, Health Science professions collectively are among the state’s fastest-growing career groups.

New Hampshire’s expansion is in line with the nationwide trend for healthcare. The demand for new professionals is near record levels in many cities.

In fact, the national need for medical workers is so high that the 2018 Job Openings and Labor Turnover Survey (JOLTS) estimates that as many as 50% of openings are currently unfilled nationwide.

A look at healthcare careers in New Hampshire

The swift expansion of the healthcare marketplace in New Hampshire contributes to the 18% growth rate that the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics forecasts for the country through 2026. An aging population and increased number of insurable individuals are the main motivation for this record growth. As a result of these factors, there is an immense quantity of career possibilities for individuals from all backgrounds.

Healthcare entry-level positions

An estimated 16,460 people in New Hampshire are today employed as Healthcare Support professionals. These support positions generally call for no more than an associate’s degree, and offer you an annual median salary ($34,940 for all Healthcare Support Occupations in New Hampshire) which is very competitive for jobs that do not call for a four year degree.

In the table shown below, you will review training prerequisites and job and salary statistics for 10 of the most-popular healthcare jobs in New Hampshire. You can also click on the title of any of the shown vocations to find out more about how to get yourself started on that professional path.

New Hampshire Healthcare CareersEmploymentHourly mean wageAnnual mean wageEmployment per 1K jobs
Diagnostic Medical Sonographers23037.80786300.346
Emergency Medical Technicians and Paramedics127017.83370801.949
Pharmacy Technicians157015.39320202.414
Licensed Practical and Licensed Vocational Nurses220024.11501503.383
Medical Records and Health Information Technicians96020.10418101.470
Home Health Aides69013.44279601.058
Nursing Assistants827014.913100012.730
Occupational Therapy Assistants16026.66554400.246
Physical Therapist Assistants43028.54593600.669
Dental Assistants131022.68471702.016
Medical Assistants264017.22358204.065

Taking the first step

Regardless of the possibility of getting an entry-level position without prior education, the majority of employers in New Hampshire would prefer to find candidates who have some type of certification. Consequently, it is recommended that anyone who is interested in a career in healthcare graduate from an accredited, formal training course.

Most of these programs can be finished in 24 months or less, and some can be completed in less than 12 months.

Where to find courses

Check out some of the state’s entry-level healthcare careers by clicking on the hyperlinks listed below.

The healthcare labor marketplace in New Hampshire

The Manchester area of New Hampshire is where the state’s highest concentration of healthcare jobs can be found. The greater Manchester area is the place to find the state’s largest concentration of healthcare personnel with an estimated 3,130 employed there. There are more opportunities in other regions, like the Nashua-Boston-Cambridge area that has over 75,000 working healthcare support workers.

New Hampshire’s leading cities for finding a healthcare position are shown below.

  • Nashua, NH
  • Manchester, NH