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Phlebotomy training online is growing in popularity every year and the field as a whole is growing at 25% according to statistics. The demand has never been higher for skilled and properly certified and trained phlebotomists and phlebotomy technicians. Like most online healthcare education there will be a portion of your online phlebotomy training that will be clinical training. This training has to be done in person and you have learn the physical skill of venipuncture from an instructor.

The medical field as a whole is using online education more and more for upgrading levels of certification. The online phlebotomy certification is no different. The online certification in phlebotomy can be earned while working in a current healthcare position like a medical assistant or nursing assistant.

Find Phlebotomy Classes Online Today

What are the Best Online Phlebotomy Training Options?

Below is a list of online phlebotomists schools that we feel are the best using the latest data from and IPEDS data sets. All the schools listed below are accredited and online.

The Top Options for Phlebotomy Schools Online

American National University – Online Phlebotomy Training 1813 E. Main St., Salem, VA 24153 540-986-1800

Purdue Global-Hagerstown Campus – Online Phlebotomy Courses 18618 Crestwood Dr, Hagerstown, Maryland 21742

Rasmussen College-Florida – Online Phlebotomy Classes 4755 Southwest 46th Court, Ocala, Florida 34474 888-549-6755

Sullivan University – Online Phlebotomy Program 4000 Dupont Circle Louisville, KY 40207 502-456-6505

Make Sure Your Online Phlebotomy School is Accredited

The schools listed above are all accredited and offer extensive online phlebotomy training. Make sure to inquire about options for online learning at your school of choice at all times because every semester they are opening more and more courses online and online phlebotomist training is no different. Regional or national accreditation is granted by differing existing agencies. They are the United States Dept. of Education and the Council for Higher Education Accreditation. The (NAACLS) National Accrediting Agency for Clinical Laboratory Science also handles online phlebotomy course accreditation. If you follow the link it will take you to their accredited phlebotomist schools online database. We also have detailed a step by step guide on how to become a phlebotomist article for you here.

How Long do Online Phlebotomy Classes Usually Take?

Phlebotomy is commonly known in healthcare as a career specialization for either medical assistants or laboratory technicians. If you are looking at earning your associate’s degree, than a 2 year time frame is to be expected. If you are looking at earning an online phlebotomy certification, than expect 6-9 months at the most. Phlebotomy certification is only mandated at a state level in CA, LA, NV and WA. Online phlebotomy training is the fastest version of phlebotomy training, for it speeds up the process by at least 1-2 months.

What do Online Phlebotomist Programs Cover?

Phlebotomists will commonly enter the job as a phlebotomist with a post-secondary non-degree award from an accredited phlebotomy course. Community colleges, vocational schools, or technical schools all offer these programs and in most cases they offer them online. These online phlebotomy programs take less than 1 year to complete in most situations and lead to a phlebotomy certification online. Online phlebotomy certification programs involve online class sessions and clinical laboratory. Subjects covered in classes will be human anatomy, human physiology, and medical terminology to name a few examples.

What to Expect in your Phlebotomy Training Online

Online Classroom Environment

Every year there are improvements made to online educational platforms and software which make the online learning experience better and better. You can expect to have chatrooms for classroom sessions and discussions and direct communication with the instructor for questions and answers of your own. Every school is different but that is what you can basically expect on a top level in your online curriculum and education. The online education system is better today than ever and you will not be disappointed at all with the ease and freedom it gives you.

Required Clinical Training

If you are an online student you will still have to complete any clinical training that may be needed for the certification or degree of choice. All phlebotomy schools online will still require clinical training sessions for all their online students. Clinical training is less than half your training so most of your phlebotomy training online will actually be online.

Visits to the Main Campus

Clinical training sessions are most likely the only time necessary that you will be required to be at the main campus. You will be able to be at home for most of your training and all studies and communications in non-clinical training will be done online.

Minimum Tech Requirements

If you can stream a movie or watch Netflix you can take an online course. A consistent source to the internet is all that is needed. Most computers and laptops made in the last 5 years should be just fine to take any courses too. Just make sure your computers are clear of viruses or anything that can slow it down during streaming sessions. Be sure to avoid any big computer problems or internet outages to guarantee the best opportunity for your success.

What are the advantages of Phlebotomy Classes Online?

The many advantages to online Phlebotomy classes are listed below and also, as you can see in the infographic image, the advantages outweigh the disadvantages.

1 – Save $ – Online courses are cheaper.
2 – Save personal time – Less travel and time on campus.
3 – Make your own schedule – The time to study is up to you.
4 – Set own education pace – You get your phlebotomy certification online when you want to.
5 – Spend more time with loved ones – Less time at school=more time at home.

Are There Disadvantages to Phlebotomy Schools Online?

None other than the common question when dealing with online learning, and that is, do you learn well in an online environment? If the answer is yes than there are not really any disadvantages to online schools for phlebotomists. The only downside would be for the person who is not that computer savvy and has no idea what an online class is like. But, I still feel if they just jumped all in, they would be just fine in their new online phlebotomy class!

Recommended Online Phlebotomy Training Programs