It is probably not very known that there are vast numbers of online medical diagnostic sonography schools and online ultrasound technician schools all around the nation. They exist and we are going to break down all the ins and outs of it for you today and show you the top options for online training. Online learning is particularly great for working parents and those with a limited time during the working day.

Online ultrasound tech and sonography courses are geared for those who are looking to make a step up in their careers and are serious about making a change for their future. It is very important to remember that all online ultrasound tech courses and online diagnostic medical sonography courses will have a hands-on clinical portion to the programs. That being said, the classroom portions of the programs can be done online and are wonderful for those who have limited time to study during the working day. This great medical field is growing and it could not be a better time to get in on the action!

A List of the Best Online Ultrasound Technician Schools

What are the Common Admission Requirements for Online Sonography Training?

Here is a common admission criteria for a certificate in diagnostic medical sonography.

Have a minimum of 60 college credits or be a graduate of an accredited 2-year allied health program. Prerequisite credit requirements are typically as follow below:

2.8-3.0 GPA in most cases
Application fee
Human anatomy and physiology
Medical terminology
Algebra or statistics
Physics concepts for diagnostic imaging professional/any college level physics course

More About the Online Sonography and Ultrasound Tech Curriculum

The online sonography programs will require students to complete a number of clinical hours as we mentioned above. This gives all the participants to gather hands-on experience for their future.

The amount of clinical training and hours needed will depend on their program. Those who are completing an associate or bachelor’s degree will in most situations be required to complete a minimum of 1,000 clinical hours. The amount of clinical training changes if you re enrolled in a certificate program than a bachelors degree program.

Specializations available in Online Sonography Programs

In some cases, there are a few additional specializations available in the field of diagnostic medical sonography. Som great options for specialization are obstetrics and gynecology, echocardiography, cardiac sonography and vascular sonography.