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Online LPN programs have become a staple of the vast options that future licensed practical and vocational nurses have at their disposal. With it being very common to get a associate’s degree, which takes 2 years, online programs are a wonderful option for LPN/LVN students. Getting your non-clinical education done online only speeds up your process and saves you money. Along with that, LPN schools online do more than that!

Are Online LPN Programs Right for you?

Below we cover what the best online LPN programs are using data and data from the schools themselves, how to become an LPN using online courses and what the advantages/disadvantages are for perspective students, how to get started and what you can expect in your online training.

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What are the Best LPN Schools Online?

Schools that offer LPN online training opportunities are more common than most think. If you are at a community college for example, online LPN classes are portions of the LPN program that will be available online. The list of schools below are what we consider the top LPN online programs that are accredited and have online training programs for practical nursing available.

The Top Online LPN Schools

Arkansas State University-Newport – Online Practical Nursing Program 7648 Victory Blvd, Newport, Arkansas 72112 870-512-7800

Carrington College-Sacramento – Online Practical Nursing Program 8909 Folsom Blvd., Sacramento, California 95826 916-585-7770

Carrington College-San Jose – Online Practical Nursing Program 5883 Rue Ferrari, Ste. 125, San Jose, California 95138 408-960-0161

Dallas Nursing Institute – Online Practical Nursing Program 12170 N. Abrams Road Suite 200, Dallas, Texas 75243 888-201-8806

Holmes Community College – Online Practical Nursing Program #1 Hill St, Goodman, Mississippi 39079 800-465-6374

Hutchinson Community College – Online Practical Nursing Program 1300 N Plum St, Hutchinson, Kansas 67501 620-665-3500

Lake Area Technical Institute – Online Practical Nursing Program 1201 Arrow Avenue, Watertown, South Dakota 57201 605-882-LATI or 800-657-4344

North Central Missouri College – Online Practical Nursing Program 1301 Main St, Trenton, Missouri 64683 660-359-3948

Northland Community and Technical College – Online Practical Nursing Program PO Box 309 Perham, MN 56573 800-657-3930

Northwest Technical College – Online Practical Nursing Program 905 Grant Avenue SE, Bemidji, Minnesota 56601 218-333-6600 or 800-942-8324

Pennsylvania State University-World Campus – Online Practical Nursing Program 128 Outreach Building, University Park, Pennsylvania 16802 800-252-3592

Purdue Global – Omaha Campus – Online Practical Nursing Program 5425 N. 103rd St., Omaha, Nebraska 68134 844-PURDUE-G

Rasmussen College-Florida – Online Practical Nursing Program 4755 Southwest 46th Court, Ocala, Florida 34474 888-549-6755

Rasmussen College-Minnesota – Online Practical Nursing Program 226 Park Avenue South, St. Cloud, Minnesota 56301 888-549-6755

Rasmussen College-North Dakota – Online Practical Nursing Program 4012 19th Avenue SW, Fargo, North Dakota 58103 888-549-6755

South Piedmont Community College – Online Practical Nursing Program 680 Highway 74 West, Polkton, North Carolina 28135 704-272-5300

Make Sure Your LPN Online Training is Accredited

As we discussed above, the schools on our list of online practical nursing programs are accredited in their respective states and are accredited at a national level. When you are looking at choosing an LPN online program, make sure you check the online school accreditation status with your individual state nursing board. This guarantees your education is going to be certified by the state and you will have a bright successful future. To be eligible for certification you must graduate from an accredited program be it online or in a traditional setting.

How Long do Online LPN Classes Commonly Take?

It is very common for LPN training online to take 1 year in a certification/diploma setting, 2 years in an associate’s degree setting and up to four years in a bachelor’s degree setting. So if you are looking to attend a 1, 2 or 4 year school it will determine what level of education and training you receive. The most common route is the two year associate’s degree route.

There is a great spot for online classes in the 2 and 4 year programs for online LPN training. All your general education courses and non-clinical course work can be done online. This can be a huge advantage for students for it allows you to work a job, an internship or have more of a social life while getting your online practical nursing degree. Later we will discuss more about that.

What do LPN Online Schools Cover?

As we mentioned all of your non clinical training can be done online. But with that said, each online course work is different and each institution will vary in some way. But all clinical training will have to be done in person.

All general education classes can be done online and all of your traditional classroom training classes. Math, English, physiology, anatomy and others too. It is up to you to decide how many online LPN classes you want to take compared to traditional LPN classes. We recommend doing as much online as possible, for it will only speed up your time table and give you quicker access to certification.

What to Expect in your Practical Nursing Program Online

Online Classroom Settings
Online classes will be all online for that subject and course. Typically the time-frame for these courses are shorter and can be done at a faster pace. There is an online software program that will be used and will provide all the communication tools you will need to succeed. All communication with your teachers and professors will be done an the online chatroom, over messaging or email. Most online education platforms are getting better and better every year and should be a smooth experience for you.

LPN Clinical Training Must be Done in Person
Clinical training sessions must always be done in person and the clinical programs are designed to work with and even and compliment the LPN online training programs. The clinical sections of training is all the hands-on work that as you can imagine, must be done in a hands-on environment. Be sure you check with your perspective school about clinical training.

Visits to the Main Campus
Clinical training will demand campus visitation but other than that you will find yourself being able to be in the comforts of your own home for most of the time tat you are studying for your practical nursing education.

The Standard Minimum Technology Requirements
A stable working computer and internet connection is all that is needed for your success. If you can stream Netflix than your internet is just fine for LPN training online. Just be sure to avoid large internet or computer problems. Any outages can be problematic and expensive.

What are the advantages of LPN Classes Online?

There are many advantages to online LPN programs and we are huge supporters of online education! Below you can see in the infographic image and the list below that the benefits of online programs for practical nurses outweigh the disadvantages on online training. Here are just a few of the great examples of the tremendous upside of LPN school online. From saving money to saving time, the online online environment can be perfect for you!

1 – Save $$$ – Classes are cheaper across the board for all subjects online
2 – Save your own time – Spend less time in classrooms
3 – Set your own schedule – When to study is up to you and on your schedule
4 – Set your pace – The faster you go, the faster you get your online LPN certification
5 – Spend more with family – Less time class and more time at home with family is better

Are There Disadvantages to LPN Courses Online?

Online classes will never be perfect for every person. The more comfortable online you are the better. If you are in anyway apprehensive about LPN training online make sure you ask a ton of questions about the interface and communication with other students and the professor/teacher/instructor. But, today the systems for online education are better than ever and are improving everyday. Do not let what is new and different hold you back! Now is a great time to enroll in Online LPN programs and use the great advantages to your advantage!!

Recommended Online LPN Classes