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It may not be well known that there are numerous opportunities to get your home health aide certification online and that are one of the fastest growing medical field careers. A home health aides (HHA), who are sometimes known as a personal care aides (PCA), will commonly need their high school diploma or GED equivalent but their are some positions do not require it.

It is also a career where you can attend online HHA training at community colleges or vocational schools. In the article below we are going to cover what you can do to get your online HHA certification, how to choose an accredited HHA program online, what the advantages and disadvantages to online education are and more that is all geared to set you up for online educational success!

Get Details About Getting an HHA Certification Online

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Take Steps to Get Your Online Home Health Aide Certification

The first step to get your online home health aide certification is to make sure you are eligible for training. If you have your high school diploma or your GED equivalent, you are eligible. Now it is time to find the right online HHA training for you.

Choose the Right Online HHA Training for you

Selecting the right online HHA training can be really simple if you take a few steps that will set you up for success. Since you are taking an online course, location is not an issue. Now we can focus of issues like cost and accreditation. Cost is easy to sort out. Accreditation is too if you get access to the lists of the best accredited online HHA classes. Luckily, we are all over that issue and got you covered.

How Much does Online HHA Training Cost?

You can expect the cost of online HHA training to be in the range of $200 to $2500. The cost depends on the quality of your training and the length of time needed for your clinical and classroom training.

How Long Does HHA Training Take Online?

Most states require 75 classroom training hours and 16 clinical training hours to be eligible for your certification as a home health aide. Check out the list below for your states required training hours.

State / Classroom Hours / Clinical Hours

Maine 180/70
Alaska 140/80
California 120/20
Idaho 120/40
Illinois 120/40
Wisconsin 120/32
Kansas 110/45
Utah 100/24
Rhode Island 100/20
New Hampshire 100/60
Hawaii 100/70
Maryland 100/40
Montana 91/25
Wyoming 91/16
Washington 85/50
Vermont 80/30
New Jersey 76/16
Alabama 75/16
Arizona 75/16
Arkansas 75/16
Connecticut 75/16
Colorado 75/16
Delaware 75/16
D.C. 75/16
Florida 75/16
Georgia 75/16
Iowa 75/16
Indiana 75/16
Kentucky 75/16
Louisiana 75/16
Massachusetts 75/16
Michigan 75/16
Minnesota 75/16
Mississippi 75/16
Missouri 75/16
Nebraska 75/16
Nevada 75/16
New Mexico 75/16
New York 75/16
North Carolina 75/16
North Dakota 75/16
Ohio 75/16
Oklahoma 75/16
Oregon 75/16
Pennsylvania 75/16
South Carolina 75/16
South Dakota 75/16
Tennessee 75/16
Texas 75/16
Virginia 75/16
West Virginia 75/16

What are the Best Online Home Health Aide Courses?

Below are what we consider the best options for getting your home health aide certification online.

Penn Foster Career School – Online HHA Training Course

Ashworth College – Online HHA Training Program

Blackstone Career Institute – Online HHA Training Course

NCO Online Academy – Online HHA Training Program

Care Star Learning – Online HHA Training Course

Southern Technical Institute – Online HHA Training Program

Cornerstone Healthcare Training Company LLC – Online HHA Training Course

The schools listed above are not in anyway the only online home health aide courses available. There are numerous ones out there. If you want to see a huge list of accredited HHA classes, see our detailed resource on HHA training here.

What is the Best Home Health Aide Certification to get?

The best certification option for HHAs is the NNAAP certification given by the National Council of School Boards of Nursing. The NNAAP certification will set you up for success more than any other home health aide certification. The certification is the same one that certified nursing assistants get to become certified.

How to Avoid Online Home Health Aide Training Scams

The list below is how to best avoid online training scams.

1 – See if school is accredited
2 – If it is a website you found in a internet search, see if there are testimonials and social media content you can source and double check. People share there success stories online!
3 – If they don’t have a direct phone number you can call, move on!
4 – If it does not feel right, move on!
5 – If they are a legit company, you will be able to check all the steps listed above.

What to Expect in Online Home Health Aide Classes

All (HHA) home health aides and (PCA) personal care aides have to get trained in all housekeeping tasks, basic safety techniques, and in most cases CPR. Other topics aspiring home care aides can expect to learn in their online training will be infection control, personal hygiene, nutrition basics along with reviewing and recording vital signs of their patients.

How you will go about learning these are where online training differs from traditional classroom learning. When taking an online course you will need a few things to to be able to take an online course. These items are an internet connection, a working computer that is probably less than 5 years old and have a general understanding of how to use the computer and navigate the internet. If you have all those and your internet connection is consistent, you will be just fine.

The Advantages to Home Health Aide Training Online

There are numerous advantages to getting your HHA certification online. We detail them for you below.

1 – Tuition Costs are Lower
2 – Time Flexibility
3 – Make Your Own Schedule
4 – Faster Timeline of Completion of Online HHA Certification

These are just a few of the reasons why there are advantages to getting a home health aide certification online. There are a few disadvantages for some. They are only disadvantages if you are not computer savvy in anyway and are not used to using a computer and being online. Other than that you will be just fine!

More Details About Online HHA Certification

Any home health aides working for home care agencies that may be receiving reimbursements from either from Medicare or Medicaid have to receive a minimum level of training. They also must pass a competency evaluation to get their HHA certification, which can be done online. Many states do actually allow their home care aides to take a competency test to be able to get certified without even having to take any home care training at all.

It is really important to contact your state’s health board because each state has different requirements and rules for their HHAS and PCAs. On the job education is very popular and in most states is a viable option. In some states home Health aides also may be required to obtain CPR certification. Hopefully we have given you the information to get started on the path to online HHA certification!

Recommended Online Home Health Aide Training

Search Home Health Aide Programs

Get information on Home Health Aide programs by entering your zip code and request enrollment information.

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