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If you are interested in what it will take to get your online pharmacy technician certification we are the perfect place for you! In the article below we show you what to do to get started in pharmacy tech schools online, what to expect in your online courses, how they can benefit you and much more. The time to get in to the great growing allied health career of pharmacy assisting could not be any better than it is now due to all the tremendous growth predicted by the bureau of labor statistics latest data. Becoming a pharmacy tech looks brighter today than ever before.

How to Start Towards an Online Pharmacy Technician Certification

Online pharmacy technician training schools have many different types of programs that satisfy the differing needs of their students. Aspiring students should understand all of the different types of online programs available to make sure that they pick the best option for them. Choosing one that supports the personal needs of students is very important. Career diplomas, associate degrees, and continuing education programs are the three most common types of education for pharmacy tech students. Pharmacy techs who attend programs that set them up for certification and state licensure are the best online training options for pharmacy technicians.

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Who can Benefit Most From an Online Pharmacy Tech Certification?

There are various types of students in numerous positions in their lives that can benefit greatly from an online pharmacy tech program. Below we will breakdown which type of students we feel can benefit the most.

Parents/Spouses – Online training puts parents in their homes at night after work and allows them to still be their with their kids and families. Studying when you want and when your time schedule allows is one of the greatest things that online learning gives aspiring pharmacy techs who want to train online.

Rural Students – If you live in a rural area of the country travel time is an issue when going to school. But, if you take online pharmacy tech training that all goes away. In the comfort of your home you can do all your coursework and use your time being productive and not commuting back and forth to school.

Military Students – With the constant change being in the military brings, online education can be a game changer for them. Location is no longer tying them down and when location changes come their way (and they will), you can keep going in the direction you want for your carer and not have to pause your education.

Students Changing Careers – If you are looking for a career change and have to work while studying for your new career, online pharmacy tech certification can be something you may want to look at. Studying online allows you to work and study after work and getting your career change done while still earning a living.

More Benefits Pharmacy Tech Training Online Give Students

The info-graphic below breaks down all the added benefits given from online education and what you can get out of your pharmacy tech training online.

Search Pharmacy Technician Programs

Get information on Pharmacy Technician programs by entering your zip code and request enrollment information.

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Finding Accredited Pharmacy Tech Schools Online

The Accreditation Council for Pharmacy Education (ACPE) and The American Society of Health-System Pharmacists (ASHP) are the accrediting bodies for all pharmacy technician training. Attending an online pharmacy tech school accredited by them guarantees you are getting the best education for your career possible. Another great option for checking your online program accreditation is the Distance Education Accrediting Commission (DEAC). The DEAC specializes on distance learning accreditation for post secondary education.

Here is the ASHP database of accredited pharmacy tech schools

The Top Pharmacy Technician Certifications to get Online

The trademark certification for pharmacy technicians is the CPHT certification given by the (NHA) National Healthcare Association. The ExCPT exam is given by the NHA and if you pass the exam you will become a certified pharmacy tech. The exam costs $117 and if you complete your accredited training, you will be set up to take the ExCPT and get certified!

Difference Between State Licensure and Online CPHT Certification

Make sure your accredited online pharmacy tech training program of choice stresses certification, certification exam preparation and not just state licensing. The reason is that state licensing and certification are two different things. State licensing is something you need to do after getting your certification at a national level. Also, there are some states that do not require licensing. That is why we feel that programs online that make certification the core goal are much better than those that do not.