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The time is perfect to enroll in to LNA classes in New Hampshire. According to data, nurse assisting is one of the fastest-growing careers in the nation let alone the field of Allied Health. What is great about this entry-level position is that it doesn’t require extensive education (license and training requirements can often be completed in a few months), and could serve as a helpful stepping stone into other careers in the patient care field.

How to become a LNA in New Hampshire

New Hampshire’s Licensed Nursing Assistants (LNAs) are regulated by the New Hampshire Board of Nursing. LNAs must approved complete training, pass the state mandated examinations, and clear a criminal background check.

Licensed nursing assistants who have previously held credentials in the past are eligible to reinstate them through exam.

What is the process to become certified in NH?

Becoming a Licensed Nursing Assistant in New Hampshire takes 5 steps:

Step 1 – Have your high school diploma or G.E.D.

Receiving your high school diploma is a basic foundation to becoming employed in any type of professional position. When it comes to jobs in the healthcare industry, this is particularly true. While it is possible to get certain starting jobs without at least a G.E.D., you may at some point find that your chances for growth are limited.

When looking for a nursing assistant licensing class, you may find that the majority of schools require trainees to have a G.E.D. or diploma prior to enrollment. And so, no matter your ultimate professional goals, make sure that you finish this step.

Step 2 – Register for a New Hampshire approved LNA program

Nurse assisting programs in New Hampshire are obligated by state guidelines to be accredited by the New Hampshire Board of Nursing. In order for you to become able to challenge for licensing, you have to first complete a program that is approved by this body.

It is very important to look for a few factors when deciding on where to sign up for training courses. When comparing your possible choices, you should take these factors into consideration:

  • Take an approved training program by the NH Board of Nursing
  • See that least 70% of program grads passed NH CNA Test
  • Be sure that the programs fit your needs
  • Make sure that costs fit your budget

Locate New Hampshire approved LNA programs

Once you complete a New Hampshire Board of Nursing approved training program, you can test for a LNA certification in the state. The programs approved by the New Hampshire Board of Nursing are detailed below.

The Approved Certified Nursing Assistant Programs in New Hampshire

American Red Cross Regional Medical Careers Training
2 Maitland Street
Concord, NH 03301
Phone: (603) 225-6697; 1-800-464-6692
Contact: Flora Meyer, RN

Clinical Career Training, LLC
PO Box 19
Bristol, NH 03222
Phone: (603) 744-6766 or 1-800-603-3320
Contact: Melanie Hill, RN, Program Coordinator

Coos County Nursing Hospital
PO Box 10
County Farm Road West
Stewartstown NH 03576
Phone: (603) 246-3321
Contact: Shelly Brown, RN, Program Coordinator

Genesis Health Care
200 Brickstone Square, Suite 301
Andover, MA 01810
Phone: (603) 915-1533
Contact: Melanie Hill, RN, Program Coordinator

Glencliff Home
393 High Street
Glencliff, NH 03238
Phone: 603-989-3111
Contact: Sarah Fabian, RN, Program Coordinator

Lakes Region Community College
379 Belmont Road
Laconia, NH 03246
Phone: (603) 366-5310
Contact: Cathy Weigel, RN, Program Coordinator

LNA Health Careers, LLC
22 Concord Street 3rd Floor
Manchester NH 03101
Phone: (603) 647-2174
Contact: Jane Furusho, RN, Program Coordinator

Manchester Community College Workforce Development Center
1066 Front Street
Manchester, NH 03102
Phone: (603) 206-8161
Contact: Kristine Dudley, Workforce Development Director

Mountain View Community
10 County Farm Road
Ossipee, NH 03864
Phone: (603) 539-7511
Contact: Patti Cain, RN, Program Coordinator

New Hampshire Job Corps
93 Dunbarton Road
Manchester, NH 03302
Phone: (603) 695-8957
Contact: Janet Taylor, BSN, RN, Program Coordinator

White Mountains Community College
Littleton Academic Center
646 Union Street, Suite 300
Littleton, NH 03561
Phone: (603) 444-1326
Regina Dexter Bowler, RN, Program Coordinator

Step 3 – Meet the training requirement for New Hampshire

Graduating from an authorized nursing assistant training program is imperative, because you will not be able to move forward to the following step unless you have done so. Successfully taking this step in the State of New Hampshire requires you to complete 100 hours in class and another 60 hours of hands-on clinical instruction.

You are not eligible to take the NNAAP unless you have finished the mandatory hours.

Step 4 – Pass New Hampshire LNA certification test

Licensed Nursing Assistants in New Hampshire need to pass the NNAAP in order to earn their license. The examination consists of a written part together with a clinical section.

The written part of the assessment includes multiple-choice questions on stuff you learned in the course of your courses, and must be completed in a scheduled period of time. A test giver will lead you through the clinical portion of the exam, where you will need to demonstrate the patient skills you are going to need when working. You need to pass both sections of the exam in order to receive your license.

PearsonVue is the national testing service that is one of the many administers of the NNAAP test for future nurse aides in the state. Listed here, you’ll see a list of the locations in New Hampshire where the test is usually given. You will want to check with the provider to get the information about test schedules for when the next tests are going to be given. Other providers are Excel Testing and the American Red Cross of Massachusetts.

The application fee is $35 for examination eligibility.

Step 5 – Get on the NH Nursing Aide Registry

The very last step in becoming eligible for work as a Licensed Nursing Assistant in New Hampshire is getting your name listed to the NH Board of Nursing Nurse Aide Registry. This is a list of all of the Licensed Nursing Assistants in the state, and is maintained by the New Hampshire Board of Nursing. State guidelines mandate that your name need to be on this checklist prior to working. This step is usually handled for you, though.

The registry is normally notified by the examination company immediately after you’ve passed the NNAAP. In the majority of cases, your wait time to finish this process in New Hampshire is at the most a few weeks.

If you ever have concerns about the registry, or your status on it, you should contact it personally using the details supplied below.

NH Board of Nursing
21 S. Fruit Street
Concord, NH 0330

LNA salary and jobs in the state of New Hampshire

There is a higher than average demand for nursing assistants around the U.S. and in New Hampshire. Whereas the Bureau of Labor Statistics forecasts a 17% growth in new jobs for nursing assistants nationwide through the year 2024, the organization is expecting to also see a 17% increase in New Hampshire. Long-term care facilities (LTCs), hospitals and nursing homes are expected to fill the majority of the added openings. There will additionally be limited need at government organizations and clinics.

As mentioned earlier, quite a few of these positions could be ideal starting off points for careers in nursing (e.g. LPNs or RNs).

Below you will find a record of the major cities in New Hampshire and further data on nursing assistant salary by area and county.

LocationPay TypeLowMedianHigh
United StatesHourly$9.64$12.78$18.22
Yearly$20,040 $26,590 $37,900
New HampshireHourly$10.82$14.23$18.95
Yearly$22,510 $29,610 $39,420
Manchester, NH Metropolitan NECTAHourly$11.40$14.91$19.22
Yearly$23,720 $31,010 $39,990
Western New Hampshire BOSHourly$11.11$14.55$19.39
Yearly$23,110 $30,260 $40,320
Haverhill-North Andover-Amesbury, MA-NH NECTA DivisionHourly$12.03$14.47$19.18
Yearly$25,020 $30,090 $39,900
Lawrence-Methuen-Salem, MA-NH NECTA DivisionHourly$12.40$14.32$18.25
Yearly$25,800 $29,780 $37,960
Other New Hampshire BOSHourly$10.72$14.12$18.50
Yearly$22,310 $29,370 $38,470
Nashua, NH-MA NECTA DivisionHourly$10.97$13.99$19.94
Yearly$22,810 $29,110 $41,480
Portsmouth, NH-ME Metropolitan NECTAHourly$10.50$13.93$18.90
Yearly$21,850 $28,980 $39,300
Lowell-Billerica-Chelmsford, MA-NH NECTA DivisionHourly$10.61$13.83$18.34
Yearly$22,080 $28,770 $38,160
Northern New Hampshire BOSHourly$10.18$13.82$18.65
Yearly$21,170 $28,750 $38,800
Southwestern New Hampshire BOSHourly$12.13$13.79$17.07
Yearly$25,220 $28,670 $35,500

Recommended LNA Programs in New Hampshire