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If you choose to become an ultrasound technician in Vermont, you will have the opportunity to launch a career in the healthcare industry that is among the most-popular in the region. Ultrasound technicians in the state of Vermont use diagnostic medical imaging tools to perform exams on patients. The future is very bright for diagnostic medical sonographers and ultrasound techs across the state of Vermont and we could not be any more pumped up about the future for them!

For those interested in advancing into the healthcare profession, this is often a good entry-level position as its education prerequisites are comparatively low and the work itself provides good opportunities for interaction with other Vermont healthcare professionals.

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How you can Become an ultrasound tech in Vermont

The four-step process for becoming an ultrasound tech in Vermont is detailed below.

Step 1: Complete your high school diploma or G.E.D.

To be able to become an ultrasound tech in VT, the first step to take is to have your diploma form high school or you GED. This is mandatory.

Step 2: Sign-up for an accredited ultrasound tech school in VT

Below is the list of accredited diagnostic imaging schools in Vermont

University of Vermont 85 S Prospect St Burlington VT 05405-0160 802-656-3131
College of St Joseph 71 Clement Road Rutland VT 05701-3899 802-773-5900-0

Step 3: Graduate from the program and all mandatory study hours

To go forward with the process, each training program requires that would-be ultrasound techs complete a pre-determined number of practice hours in a clinical environment. Make sure you complete your training and clinical hours to proceed to the certification examination process.

These required hours need to be met before you are permitted to sit for any certification examinations.

Step 4: Get your RDMS certification in VT

The state ultrasound technician certification exams used in Vermont are the five major national examinations. If you want to see what is on the test and you want to get in depth information about the three major national certification examinations recognized in Vermont see our resource here.

Ultrasound tech salary and jobs in Vermont

There is a very high demand for ultrasound technicians throughout the nation and in Vermont. While the Bureau of Labor Statistics projects a 23% growth in new jobs for ultrasound technicians nationally up through 2026, the organization is expecting to find a 18% in Vermont. In Vermont the most common places to be employed are general care facilities, hospitals and physicians offices. There may also be limited need at government organizations and hospitals. As previously mentioned, many of these opportunities could be ideal starting points for careers in the medical field. The subsequent listing reflects specifics on ultrasound tech salary in Vermont by region. The latest and greatest data from are used in the table below. The future of sonography in Vermont is strong!

LocationPay TypeLowMedianHigh
United StatesHourly$23.39$33.49$47.64