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If you decide to become an ultrasound technician in Utah, you will have the opportunity to launch a career in the healthcare industry that is among the fastest-growing in the entire country and the state of Utah. Becoming an sonographer or ultrasound tech in Utah has become very popular because it is a great starting careers in healthcare. This is because of the fact that it does require less starting education time and is often used as a stepping stone into advanced healthcare roles in the great state of Utah. The time for entrance in to the great growing career is now!

Find Ultrasound Tech Schools in Utah Now

Becoming an ultrasound technician in Utah

Below you will find a description of the four steps needed to become an ultrasound tech in Utah.

Step 1: Complete your high school diploma or GED

You will not be able to enroll in to an accredited sonography course without having a high school diploma or a GED equivalent.

Step 2: Enroll in an approved ultrasound tech school in Utah

Below is the full lost of accredited ultrasound technician programs in Utah.

Weber State University 3850 Dixon Parkway Dr. Dept. 1031 Ogden UT 84408-1031 801-626-6000 Diagnostic Medical Sonography/Sonographer and Ultrasound Technician

Step 3: Finish the training course and all mandatory training hours

Make sure you have fully completed your accredited Utah ultrasound tech school and you have also finished all your clinical training hours.

Step 4: Acquire an RDMS certification

Click here to see what the details are for RDM certification testing and what is one the exam itself. We cover it all from test preparation to getting ready from start to finish.

Ultrasound tech salary and jobs in Utah

In Utah, the increasing growth and demand is extremely high for ultrasound technicians. While the Bureau of Labor Statistics expects a 44% increase in new openings for ultrasound technicians across Utah,we can see that popular workplaces are in the state of Utah for sonographers and ultrasound techs are at hospitals, physicians offices and general care facilities. There will also be some need at government organizations and clinics. Regardless of the job environment, these opportunities will more than likely provide considerable time working under the guidance of physicians, specialized medical personnel and other jobs the ultrasound tech might want to at some point move into. The following listing reflects specifics on ultrasound tech wages in Utah by region and is coming for the latest data on the website. The time for entrance in to the career of diagnostic medical sonography in Utah could not be any hotter than now!

LocationPay TypeLowMedianHigh
United StatesHourly$23.39$33.49$47.64
St. George, UT MSAHourly$26.85$38.63$61.95
Ogden-Clearfield, UT MSAHourly$24.19$37.00$47.95
Provo-Orem, UT MSAHourly$28.61$36.58$47.03
Salt Lake City, UT MSAHourly$26.63$36.37$47.64