With the medical field growing at a record rate across the country, opportunities are numerous for individuals who would like to become an ultrasound technician in North Carolina. As North Carolina healthcare positions are growing at a faster rate than ever, and ultrasound techs are enjoying the tremendous growth too, it is a popular one with those at the beginning of their careers in healthcare in NC. We cover all the details to get your license in North Carolina as a sonographer below.

Become an ultrasound tech in North Carolina

Each of the four steps necessary to become an ultrasound technician in North Carolina are analyzed below.

Step 1: Get your high school diploma or GED

To have the ability to access accredited training programs in North Carolina for diagnostic medical sonography is to have your high school diploma or your GED.

Step 2: Sign-up for an accredited ultrasound tech school in NC

Caldwell Community College and Technical Institute 2855 Hickory Boulevard Hudson NC 28638 828-726-2200 Diagnostic Medical Sonography/Sonographer and Ultrasound Technician
Asheville-Buncombe Technical Community College 340 Victoria Rd Asheville NC 28801-4897 828-254-1921 Diagnostic Medical Sonography/Sonographer and Ultrasound Technician
Pitt Community College 1986 Pitt Tech Road Winterville NC 28590 252-493-7200 Diagnostic Medical Sonography/Sonographer and Ultrasound Technician
South Piedmont Community College 680 Highway 74 West Polkton NC 28135 704-272-5300 Diagnostic Medical Sonography/Sonographer and Ultrasound Technician
Forsyth Technical Community College 2100 Silas Creek Pky Winston-Salem NC 27103-5197 336-723-0371 Diagnostic Medical Sonography/Sonographer and Ultrasound Technician
Southwestern Community College 447 College Drive Sylva NC 28779 828-339-4000 Diagnostic Medical Sonography/Sonographer and Ultrasound Technician
Johnston Community College 245 College Road Smithfield NC 27577-2350 919-934-3051 Diagnostic Medical Sonography/Sonographer and Ultrasound Technician
Cape Fear Community College 411 North Front Street Wilmington NC 28401-3910 910-362-7000 Diagnostic Medical Sonography/Sonographer and Ultrasound Technician

Step 3: Graduate from the training program and all mandatory training hours

To be eligible to sit for the certification exam for sonography in North Carolina, all candidates must compete their accredited training and their required clinical training hours.

Step 4: Acquire an RDMS certification in North Carolina

In the State of North Carolina, you are legally required to pass one of the nationally-administered exams for ultrasound tech certification. The three major national certification exams recognized in North Carolina are detailed at the link above.

Ultrasound technician salary and jobs in North Carolina

The need for ultrasound technicians is at historic levels in not only North Carolina. Up through 2026, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics expects a 34% increase in additional opportunities for ultrasound technicians in North Carolina. Diagnostics medical sonographers in North Carolina can expect tog at hired at offices of other healthcare practitioners, hospitals and physicians offices are expected to fill the majority of all new positions. There should additionally be some demand at state and federal government organizations and facilities. No matter the job setting, these jobs are going to allow for considerable time learning under the guidance of specialized medical personnel, physicians and other positions the ultrasound technician may want to eventually advance into. Below you will find a record of the largest cities in North Carolina and even more specifics on ultrasound tech compensation by area and county. The table uses bls.gov statistics and data. Getting in to the great career os diagnostic medical sonography in North Carolina has never been better that this very moment!

LocationPay TypeLowMedianHigh
United StatesHourly$23.39$33.49$47.64
Yearly$48,660 $69,650 $99,100
North CarolinaHourly$23.87$30.70$39.40
Yearly$49,640 $63,860 $81,950
Wilmington, NC MSAHourly$26.04$34.05$47.75
Yearly$54,160 $70,830 $99,330
Durham-Chapel Hill, NC MSAHourly$26.29$33.76$42.91
Yearly$54,680 $70,230 $89,250
Greensboro-High Point, NC MSAHourly$25.78$33.08$43.72
Yearly$53,610 $68,820 $90,930
Northeastern North Carolina BOSHourly$23.29$31.12$37.49
Yearly$48,450 $64,720 $77,980
Winston-Salem, NC MSAHourly$25.32$31.07$40.74
Yearly$52,650 $64,620 $84,740
Raleigh-Cary, NC MSAHourly$25.21$30.94$39.08
Yearly$52,430 $64,350 $81,290
Asheville, NC MSAHourly$24.52$30.87$38.59
Yearly$51,000 $64,200 $80,270
Virginia Beach-Norfolk-Newport News, VA-NC MSAHourly$22.81$30.72$39.55
Yearly$47,450 $63,890 $82,260
Charlotte-Gastonia-Rock Hill, NC-SC MSAHourly$25.38$30.55$37.99
Yearly$52,790 $63,550 $79,020
Fayetteville, NC MSAHourly$21.28$30.31$44.63
Yearly$44,270 $63,040 $92,830
Western Central North Carolina BOSHourly$24.67$30.09$42.43
Yearly$51,310 $62,580 $88,260
Greenville, NC MSAHourly$21.37$28.62$42.32
Yearly$44,460 $59,520 $88,030
Myrtle Beach-Conway-North Myrtle Beach, SC-NCHourly$17.56$28.24$36.64
Yearly$36,520 $58,730 $76,220
Hickory-Lenoir-Morganton, NC MSAHourly$21.30$27.75$36.32
Yearly$44,300 $57,710 $75,540
Western North Carolina BOSHourly$21.29$27.64$37.56
Yearly$44,290 $57,490 $78,120
Burlington, NC MSAHourly$15.28$17.38$37.26
Yearly$31,770 $36,140 $77,510