With the healthcare industry adding new jobs at a record rate throughout the nation, opportunities are numerous for people who wish to become an ultrasound technician in New York. Valued team members at medical facilities that include everything from outpatient clinics to hospitals, ultrasound technicians are versatile care providers who assist other medical professionals by making use of diagnostic imaging equipment to carry out examinations on patients. This position is popular with people who are just beginning their healthcare careers, as it requires relatively little training and may be used to advance into professional healthcare roles.

How to become an ultrasound technician in New York

Directly below you will find a description of the four actions necessary to become an ultrasound technician in New York.

Step 1: Complete high school or earn your G.E.D.

The first step towards any position you pursue should always be finishing your high school diploma. When it comes to employment opportunities in the medical field, this is particularly true. Although it’s sometimes possible to get some starting jobs without a diploma or G.E.D., you may eventually discover that opportunities for advancement are minimal.

Where ultrasound technician classes are concerned, you’re going to also discover early on that most authorized programs want applicants to give proof of a high school diploma or G.E.D. prior to starting classes. For that reason, if you’re thinking about working in healthcare, it is a good idea to finish this crucial step.

Step 2: Sign-up for an accredited ultrasound tech school in NY

As mentioned, ultrasound technician training in New York is managed by a couple of agencies: the Commission on Accreditation of Allied Health Education Programs (CAAHEP) and the Joint Review Committee on Education in Diagnostic Medical Sonography (JRC-DMS). For you to become able to challenge for certification, you will need to first complete a training course that is approved by one of these bodies.

Step 3: Complete the training course and all mandatory training hours

Completing an accredited training course is mandatory to become an ultrasound tech. Courses in New York will require you to finish a minimum number of training hours in a clinical setting.

You will not be able to challenge any certification exam until you have completed all of the required hours.

Step 4: Get an RDMS certification

Ultrasound technicians in New York need to pass one of the national certification examinations in order to complete their certification. These examinations include segments on all important areas of knowledge you would’ve covered in your program.

The three main national certification assessments recognized in New York are outlined here.

Registered Diagnostic Medical Sonographer (RDMS) from ARDMS – Among the best-known, and most-highly regarded of the national ultrasound technician certifications, the RDMS certification is awarded by the ARDMS.

Registered Cardiac Sonographer (RCS) from CCI – The RCS certification is recognized by employers all over the nation, and shows that its owner holds a well-rounded set of ultrasound and sonography competencies.

Sonography Certification (S) from ARRT – The (S) from ARRT credential is a nationally-accepted credential that certifies its owner for a wide variety of positions in ultrasound and sonography.

Ultrasound tech salary and jobs in New York

In New York, and the rest of the nation, the demand is very high for ultrasound technicians. Although the Bureau of Labor Statistics projects a 23% increase in brand new jobs for ultrasound technicians nationwide up through 2026, the government expects to see a 27% in New York. The bulk of new opportunities are likely to be produced in physicians offices and hospitals. There should additionally be some need at government agencies and clinics.

Regardless of the job environment, these positions are going to allow for considerable time working under the direction of physicians, specialized medical personnel and other jobs the ultrasound technician may wish to at some point advance into.

Below is a list of the largest cities in New York and additional information on ultrasound tech compensation by area and county.

LocationPay TypeLowMedianHigh
United StatesHourly$23.39$33.49$47.64
Yearly$48,660 $69,650 $99,100
New YorkHourly$24.76$34.45$46.00
Yearly$51,500 $71,660 $95,690
Nassau-Suffolk, NY Metropolitan DivisionHourly$29.65$37.30$48.16
Yearly$61,670 $77,580 $100,160
Glens Falls, NY MSAHourly$27.11$35.38$46.42
Yearly$56,390 $73,580 $96,560
Utica-Rome, NY MSAHourly$25.85$35.35$46.50
Yearly$53,770 $73,530 $96,710
Binghamton, NY MSAHourly$26.02$33.82$42.37
Yearly$54,130 $70,350 $88,140
Syracuse, NY MSAHourly$18.11$33.55$46.30
Yearly$37,670 $69,780 $96,300
Rochester, NY MSAHourly$24.25$33.36$43.27
Yearly$50,450 $69,390 $89,990
Albany-Schenectady-Troy, NY MSAHourly$25.43$32.72$41.40
Yearly$52,890 $68,050 $86,110
Buffalo-Niagara Falls, NY MSAHourly$25.58$32.35$38.70
Yearly$53,210 $67,300 $80,500
Central New York BOSHourly$23.26$31.48$45.50
Yearly$48,380 $65,470 $94,650
Capital/Northern New York BOSHourly$22.74$30.21$41.40
Yearly$47,300 $62,830 $86,110
Ithaca, NY MSAHourly$21.17$29.46$44.14
Yearly$44,030 $61,280 $91,810
Southwest New York BOSHourly$22.38$29.35$37.60
Yearly$46,550 $61,050 $78,210