With the medical industry growing at a record pace across the country, there is plenty of opportunity for people who want to become an ultrasound technician in Delaware. An ultrasound technician is responsible for making use of diagnostic imaging tools to perform examinations on patients at healthcare facilities that include physicians offices, hospitals and offices of other healthcare practitioners. This position is sought-after by those who are just starting their careers in the medical field, because it requires comparatively less education and training and may be used to advance into advanced medical field positions.

Becoming an ultrasound tech in Delaware

All of the four actions necessary to become an ultrasound technician in Delaware are examined below.

Step 1: Complete high school or earn your G.E.D.

No matter which profession you decide to go after, earning a high school diploma should be regarded as the first step. This really is the case when considering most positions in medical care. Even in the few cases where it’s possible to gain employment without your high school diploma, the positions normally do not offer much in terms of pay or chances for growth.

On top of that, most ultrasound technician courses require applicants to be high school graduates or G.E.D. holders in their admissions prerequisites. For that reason, whatever your ultimate professional goals, make sure that you complete this first step.

Step 2: Register for an accredited ultrasound tech school in Delaware

Ultrasound tech programs in Delaware are obligated by state law to be approved by the Commission on Accreditation of Allied Health Education Programs (CAAHEP) and the Joint Review Committee on Education in Diagnostic Medical Sonography (JRC-DMS). For you to become able to test for certification, you must first graduate from a training course that is approved by one of these bodies.

Step 3: Complete the training program and all mandatory study hours

Obviously, graduation from an ultrasound technician training program is an immensely essential step. Programs in Delaware will require you to finish a minimum number of practice hours in a hands-on clinical environment.

You will not be able to sit for any certification test until you have finished all of the mandatory hours.

Step 4: Get an RDMS certification

Ultrasound techs in Delaware are required to pass one of the national certification tests to earn their certification. These assessments consist of segments on all major areas of knowledge you would’ve studied in your study course.

All major national certification assessments administered in Delaware are outlined below.

Registered Diagnostic Medical Sonographer (RDMS) from ARDMS – Undoubtedly one of the most-recognized, and most-valued of the national ultrasound technician credentials, the RDMS certification is sponsored by the ARDMS.

Registered Cardiac Sonographer (RCS) from CCI – This credential is respected by the majority of employers, stands for a well-rounded proficiency in ultrasound technology, and could qualify its recipient for positions chiefly in the discipline of cardiology.

Sonography Certification (S) from ARRT – The Sonography Certification (S) from ARRT is presented to students who have completed a diverse program in ultrasonography studies, and is respected by the majority of organizations.

Ultrasound technician salary and jobs in Delaware

There’s a very high need for ultrasound technicians across the U.S. and in Delaware. Through the year 2026, the Bureau of Labor Statistics expects a 25% gain in additional positions for ultrasound technicians in Delaware. The vast majority of new jobs are expected to be created in hospitals and physicians offices. The remainder of opportunities should arise in the state and federal government job sector.

Regardless of the job setting, these jobs are going to provide considerable time working under the supervision of physicians, specialized medical personnel and other positions the ultrasound tech may wish to eventually move into.

Below you will find a record of the largest cities in Delaware and even more info on ultrasound technician pay by location and county.

LocationPay TypeLowMedianHigh
United StatesHourly$23.39$33.49$47.64
Wilmington, DE-MD-NJ Metropolitan DivisionHourly$28.01$35.58$46.08
Salisbury, MD-DEHourly$26.44$34.38$44.55