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If you choose to one of the best phlebotomy courses in Missouri you will be entering one of the region’s fastest-growing vocations with a strong educational backing. Phlebotomy, as is the case with a number of other health care fields, is benefiting from a period of record expansion and is expected to create several thousand brand-new work opportunities in the coming years.

How to become a phlebotomist in Missouri

Missouri does not have its own specific requirements for becoming a phlebotomy technician within its borders. Being certified is not a condition for employment, but is strongly encouraged by local hiring managers across the state of Missouri.

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The certification process for becoming a phlebotomist in Missouri

The steps in the process for becoming a phlebotomy technician in MO is shown in the following steps below.

Step 1 – Complete high school or get your G.E.D.

Receiving your high school diploma is one of the critical fundamentals to becoming employed in any type of skilled job.

Step 2 – Find out if you need to get certified as a phlebotomist in Missouri

There isn’t any legal requirement for certification in order to become employed as a phlebotomy technician in Missouri. Naturally, there are more benefits than drawbacks to becoming certified in Missouri as a phlebotomist.

Recommended Phlebotomy Schools in Missouri

Search Phlebotomy Technician Programs

Get information on Phlebotomy Technician programs by entering your zip code and request enrollment information.

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Step 3 – Register for an Missouri approved phlebotomist class

Below is the complete listing of the approved phlebotomy schools in Missouri.

Phlebotomy technician classes in Missouri

WellSpring School of Allied Health-Kansas City 9140 Ward Pkwy Ste 100 Kansas City MO 64114-3313 816-523-9140 Phlebotomy Technician/Phlebotomist

Lex La-Ray Technical Center 2323 High School Dr Lexington MO 64067-1525 660-259-2264-201 Phlebotomy Technician/Phlebotomist

How to pick a phlebotomy training program in Missouri

It is very important to check out several factors when deciding on where to enroll for classes. When weighing your options, you need to take all the important personal factors into account before comparing all the programs in Missouri.

Step 4 – Pass a the Missouri phlebotomy certification assessment

Phlebotomy technicians in Missouri are required to pass one of the seven national certification exams to earn their certification. These exams include sections on all major areas of knowledge you would have studied in your program.

Some of the main national certification tests recognized in Missouri are detailed here.

Phlebotomist salary and jobs in Missouri

The need for phlebotomy technicians is at historic levels in not only Missouri, but across the whole U.S. Up through 2024, the Bureau of Labor Statistics projects a 24% gain in additional job opportunities for phlebotomy technicians in Missouri. To check out wage statistics for Missouri by location and county, be sure to check out the table just below.

LocationPay TypeLowMedianHigh
United StatesHourly$11.22$15.72$22.52
Kansas City, MO-KS MSAHourly$12.19$16.26$21.23
St. Louis, MO-IL MSAHourly$11.53$15.74$19.83
Cape Girardeau-Jackson, MO-IL MSAHourly$11.57$15.07$18.51
Fayetteville-Springdale-Rogers, AR-MO MSAHourly$11.81$13.97$17.79
Central Missouri (BOS)Hourly$10.13$12.75$18.06
Springfield, MO MSAHourly$8.87$12.51$18.45
Southwest Missouri BOSHourly$8.35$12.05$16.84
Southeast Missouri BOSHourly$8.52$11.47$16.77