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You must attend accredited and approved pharmacy tech schools in Rhode island to work in the state as a pharmacy technician. Certification is not required to be a pharmacy tech in Rhode Island but formal training is. There are two levels available, Tech Level 1 and Tech Level 2. We go through them below:

Tech Level 1 – Have passed accredited training and not certified.
Tech Level 2 – Have passed training and has a current CPHT certification from either the PTCB or the NHA.

Pharmacy techs are seeing growth over the next decade and so are most allied health careers in Rhode Island.

Find Top Pharmacy Tech Classes in Rhode Island


Becoming a Pharmacy Technician in Rhode Island

The four-part process for becoming a pharmacy tech in Rhode Island is displayed below.

Step 1: Choose to get Certified or not

You must make a choice on whether you want to get certified and which pharmacy tech level you want to go after (Tech Level 1 or 2). Level 1 uses the first 3 steps in our process and Level 2 uses all four steps to become a Rhode Island pharmacy technician.

Step 2: Take Courses in RI That are Accredited

Below is the list of all the approved and currently accredited pharmacy techs schools in Rhode Island.

Accredited Pharmacy Tech Schools in Rhode Island

Lincoln Technical Institute-Lincoln Pharm Tech Course
Pharmacy Technician/Assistant Program
622 George Washington Hwy Lincoln RI 02865

Community College of Rhode Island – Pharmacy Tech Program
400 East Avenue, Warwick Rhode Island 02886

Step 3: Graduate from RI Pharm Tech Course and Complete any Internship Work

If you want to go after a CPHT certification from the PTCB or the NHA, you will have to pass accredited training before you can take the test. If you are not getting certified, after finishing your training you can register with state to become a Level 1 pharmacy technician.

Step 4: Pass one of the national certification examinations in RI

Taking the ExCPT or the PTCE and passing will give you CPHT certification title and set you up for a Level 2 pharmacy technician position in Rhode Island.

Let’s take a better look at these assessments here.

How Much Does a Pharmacy Tech Make in Rhode Island?

Pharmacy technician compensation is detailed below and the median pay was $31,750 in 2017 per the current information available from the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

LocationPay TypeLowMedianHigh
United StatesHourly$10.27$14.86$21.98
Rhode IslandHourly$10.84$14.77$23.24
Providence-Fall River-Warwick, RI-MAHourly$10.86$14.83$23.10
Norwich-New London, CT-RIHourly$11.36$14.80$21.27

Approved Pharmacy Tech Programs in RI