Employed to work at pharmacies of all types, pharmacy technicians in New York perform under the direction of the pharmacist to assure that drug prescriptions are filled and clients are taken care of. Being certified isn’t required in all 50 states, but the current trend among employers has been towards only employing individuals who hold a professional credential.

How to become a pharmacy technician in New York.

The four-part procedure for becoming a pharmacy tech in New York is reflected below.

What does a pharmacy technician do in New York?

Pharmacy technicians in New York are employed under the guidance of a pharmacist, and are responsible for carrying out a number of support functions that help keep the drug store running smoothly. The following link reflects the typical responsibilities that drug stores place on their techs.

Step 1: Decide if you plan to become certified

The very first thing you’ll have to do is choose whether or not you would like to get certified. No matter what you choose, you need to be mindful that the majority of employers choose to pick applicants who have obtained their certification.

Step 2: Enroll in a PTAC-accredited training course

The list below is all the approved New York pharmacy technician programs.

Accredited NY Pharmacy Tech Schools

Access Careers 474 Fulton Avenue, Suite 201 Hempstead NY 11550-0000 516-433-0034 Pharmacy Technician/Assistant
ASA College 81 Willoughby Street Brooklyn NY 11201-9805 718-522-9073 Pharmacy Technician/Assistant
Onondaga Cortland Madison BOCES Main Campus Liverpool NY 13088 315-453-4455 Pharmacy Technician/Assistant
CUNY Bronx Community College 2155 University Avenue Bronx NY 10453 718-289-5100 Pharmacy Technician/Assistant
Monroe College 2501 Jerome Avenue Bronx NY 10468 718-933-6700 Pharmacy Technician/Assistant
Manhattan Institute 45 West 34th Street New York NY 10001 212-564-1234 Pharmacy Technician/Assistant

Step 3: Complete the program and complete the requisite internship hours

The next step will be to graduate from the accredited program you’ve chosen. Even though each program is a little different, it is very typical for students to complete their classroom training and internship in just one year.

Step 4: Successfully pass either the PTCE or ExCPT test

There are two nationally-administered pharmacy technician certification exams – the PTCE and ExCPT. You need to graduate from a course recognized by the PTAC to be eligible to take one of these exams. A passing score on either exam will grant you the title Certified Pharmacy Technician (CPhT).

We take a better look at these examinations at the link here.

How much does a pharmacy technician make in New York?

The data table below reflects the current numbers on salary offered in New York. The data comes from bls.gov’s website.

LocationPay TypeLowMedianHigh
United StatesHourly$10.27$14.86$21.98
Yearly$21,370 $30,920 $45,710
New YorkHourly$10.02$14.43$22.95
Yearly$20,840 $30,020 $47,730
Nassau-Suffolk, NY Metropolitan DivisionHourly$9.90$15.22$22.81
Yearly$20,600 $31,670 $47,440
Albany-Schenectady-Troy, NY MSAHourly$10.39$14.82$21.74
Yearly$21,620 $30,830 $45,210
Ithaca, NY MSAHourly$10.28$14.26$21.12
Yearly$21,390 $29,660 $43,930
Kingston, NY MSAHourly$10.17$14.13$18.20
Yearly$21,160 $29,390 $37,860
Rochester, NY MSAHourly$9.89$13.77$18.19
Yearly$20,560 $28,640 $37,840
Binghamton, NY MSAHourly$10.00$13.73$18.13
Yearly$20,800 $28,550 $37,720
Buffalo-Niagara Falls, NY MSAHourly$10.03$13.66$19.27
Yearly$20,870 $28,420 $40,090
Syracuse, NY MSAHourly$9.52$13.62$19.19
Yearly$19,810 $28,320 $39,920
Southwest New York BOSHourly$10.14$13.48$18.74
Yearly$21,090 $28,030 $38,980
East Central New York BOSHourly$10.23$13.22$18.32
Yearly$21,280 $27,500 $38,100
Elmira, NY MSAHourly$9.55$12.98$18.18
Yearly$19,870 $27,010 $37,810
Central New York BOSHourly$10.00$12.92$18.00
Yearly$20,790 $26,870 $37,450
Capital/Northern New York BOSHourly$9.82$12.80$19.32
Yearly$20,430 $26,620 $40,190
Glens Falls, NY MSAHourly$9.95$12.72$20.46
Yearly$20,690 $26,450 $42,550
Utica-Rome, NY MSAHourly$9.66$12.62$26.49
Yearly$20,080 $26,250 $55,090