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Attending approved and accredited pharmacy technician training in Montana can get you started on the pathway to success in a growing and rewarding healthcare job in Montana. Below we will cover the steps to get started in your training, how to get on the path to certification and what the salary outlook is for Montana pharmacy technicians.

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What are the Steps to Become a Pharmacy Technician in Montana?

There are four steps to follow when starting the process of getting in to the pharmacy assisting field. After you meet the basic entry requirements (Be at least 18 and apply for a nonrenewable pharmacy technician in training license with the Montana Board of Pharmacy). You can start on the four-part process for becoming a pharmacy tech in Montana as shown below.

Step 1: Do you Want to get Certified Before you Start Working?

Choosing whether or not you would like to become certified before you get your first job or not is up to you. You do have to get your certification in order to renew your license though. That gives you some time to do it (1 year) and you can find work faster. Just remember that you will still have to attend training and register for you license in the state. Pharmacy Technician licenses are renewed every year in Montana.

Step 2: Register for Classes Approved by the Montana Board of Pharmacy

Below is the list of all the Montana Board of Pharmacy accredited pharmacy tech programs in Montana that will set you up for your future success in the healthcare field.

The Accredited Pharmacy Technician Schools in Montana

Flathead Valley Community College – Pharmacy Tech Program
777 Grandview Dr Kalispell MT 59901 406-756-3822

Miles Community College – Pharmacy Tech Program
2715 Dickinson Street Miles City MT 59301-4774 800-541-9281

The University of Montana (Missoula College) – Pharm tech Courses
1205 East Broadway Street Missoula MT 59802 406-243-7846

Great Falls College Montana State University – Pharm Tech Training
2100 16th Ave S Great Falls MT 59405 406-771-4300

Step 3: Complete Your Accredited Education

Since you will eventually have to get certified in Montana to work for more than a year as a Pharmacy Tech making sure your training is approved and that you successfully pass it is critical for your future.

Step 4: Pass the PTCE Certification Exam

In order to receive a nationally-accepted pharmacy tech certification, you will need to pass the PTCE examination. Pass your training program and you qualify for the taking of the test. You will be expected to pay a fee of $129 as well.

Let’s take a better look at the certification assessment here.

The Average Pharmacy Technician Salary in Montana

Pharmacy technician salary and pay in Montana is shown in the data table below showing the latest statistics.

LocationPay TypeLowMedianHigh
United StatesHourly$10.27$14.86$21.98
Missoula, MTHourly$12.95$16.70$20.83
Western MontanaHourly$12.27$16.64$21.58
Eastern MontanaHourly$12.00$16.11$21.37
Great Falls, MTHourly$12.01$16.08$18.78
Billings, MTHourly$12.46$16.05$20.26
Southwestern MontanaHourly$12.22$16.02$19.49
Central MontanaHourly$11.30$15.93$19.59

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