The pharmacy technician in Mississippi is a beginning health worker who supports the pharmacist in many everyday functions around the store. Holding a certification might not be mandatory in every state, but the current trend among hiring managers has been in direction of just hiring candidates who hold a professional certification.

How to become a pharmacy technician in Mississippi

The four-step procedure for becoming a pharmacy tech in Mississippi is displayed below.

What does a pharmacy technician do in Mississippi?

Pharmacy technicians in Mississippi are employed under the supervision of a pharmacist, and are given the task of completing a variety of supporting tasks that help keep the pharmacy operating smoothly. To see more about the day to day duties of pharmacy techs, click here.

Step 1: Determine whether you want to become certified

The very first thing you will need to do is decide if you would like to get certified. Whatever you decide, you should be aware that most employers prefer to employ candidates who have earned their certification.

Step 2: Enroll in a PTAC-approved training program

The lost below is all the approved pharmacy tech programs in Mississippi.

Accredited Pharmacy Tech Schools in Mississippi

Jones County Junior College – Pharmacy Technician/Assistant Training 900 South Court Street Ellisville MS 39437 601-477-4000

Step 3: Finish the program and complete the necessary internship hours

Completing the approved course you selected in the previous step is your next objective. Even though each program is slightly different, it’s quite common for students to finish their classroom education and internship in as little as a year.

Step 4: Successfully pass either the PTCE or ExCPT test

There are two nationally-administered pharmacy tech certification examinations – the PTCE and ExCPT. After you have finished a PTAC-approved program, you will be able to sit for either one of them. A passing score on either test will grant you the distinction Certified Pharmacy Technician (CPhT).

Both of these examinations are broken down in more depth here.

What is the typical pharmacy technician salary in Mississippi?

The table below highlights the most current data on salary available in Mississippi.

LocationPay TypeLowMedianHigh
United StatesHourly$10.27$14.86$21.98
Yearly$21,370 $30,920 $45,710
Yearly$20,840 $28,710 $39,410
Memphis, TN-MS-AR MSAHourly$10.62$16.01$22.39
Yearly$22,090 $33,300 $46,580
Gulfport-Biloxi, MS MSAHourly$11.75$15.92$22.51
Yearly$24,430 $33,120 $46,830
Jackson, MS MSAHourly$10.56$14.20$19.16
Yearly$21,960 $29,540 $39,860
Southeast Mississippi BOSHourly$10.51$14.01$18.69
Yearly$21,850 $29,150 $38,870
Southwest Mississippi BOSHourly$10.53$13.68$18.50
Yearly$21,910 $28,440 $38,470
Hattiesburg, MS MSAHourly$10.34$13.25$17.50
Yearly$21,500 $27,570 $36,410
Northeast Mississippi BOSHourly$9.44$12.69$18.13
Yearly$19,630 $26,400 $37,710
Northwest Mississippi BOSHourly$8.74$12.14$17.09
Yearly$18,190 $25,240 $35,560