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Pharmacy technician schools in Idaho have a few requirements for entry. They are that candidates have to be at least 18 to work as pharmacy techs in Idaho. 16-year-olds can go ahead and register as a pharmacy technician in training as long as they are enrolled in a school-supervised program at the current time and have a waiver for employment. Aspiring pharmacy techs must also submit to a criminal background check and have their HS diploma/GED. Lastly they will need to submit fingerprints, turn in a copy of their ID, and sign the Non-Criminal Justice Applicant Privacy Statement for Idaho. Fulfill these requirements and foloow the four steps below and you can become a pharmacy tech in a short amount of time.

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The Steps to Becoming a Pharmacy Technician in Idaho

The four steps to becoming a pharmacy technician in Idaho are detailed below and when they are followed, you will meet your career goals faster than you think!

Step 1: Are you Going to get Your CPHT Certification in Idaho?

Your first step towards becoming a pharmacy technician in the state of Idaho is to determine whether or not you are planning to become certified as a CPHT in Idaho. Getting certified is not mandatory in Idaho but it is definitely highly regarded for what it can do for your healthcare career in this great allied health field in Idaho.

Step 2: Enroll in a Idaho Accredited Pharm Tech Training Program

The path to certification requires graduation from an accredited pharmacy technician school. The list of approved Idaho pharmacy tech programs in Idaho is below.

Accredited Pharmacy Tech Schools in Idaho

Carrington College-Boise – Pharmacy Tech Training
1122 N. Liberty St. Boise ID 83704-8742 208-377-8080
Milan Institute-Boise – Pharmacy Tech Courses
9050 West Overland Road, Suite 200, Boise, Idaho 83709 888-207-9460
North Idaho College – Pharmacy Tech Courses
1000 West Garden Avenue Coeur D’Alene ID 83814-2199 208-769-3300

Step 3: Complete the Your Accredited Pharmacy Tech Course

The third step will be to complete the accredited program in Idaho you’ve selected. To move on to the last step to getting certified, you will obviously have to complete your accredited training.

Step 4: Pass the PTCE Certification Exam

You do not have to be nationally certified in Idaho but getting your CPHT certification can really benefit your career. After passing the PTCE exam, you must contact the Idaho Pharmacy Board and get your self licensed by the state.

Pharmacy Technician Salary Outlook for Idaho

The following data from the website shows the changing salary for pharmacy techs in Idaho depending on their location.

LocationPay TypeLowMedianHigh
United StatesHourly$10.27$14.86$21.98
Coeur d'Alene, IDHourly$13.29$18.43$23.31
Southwest IdahoHourly$14.69$17.37$21.49
Southcentral IdahoHourly$10.74$16.68$22.06
North IdahoHourly$12.23$16.31$22.66
Boise City-Nampa, IDHourly$12.46$16.17$21.22
Lewiston, ID-WAHourly$10.67$15.99$22.87
Pocatello, IDHourly$10.70$15.72$18.60
Idaho Falls, IDHourly$10.52$14.82$21.21
Logan, UT-IDHourly$12.07$14.66$20.25
East IdahoHourly$10.30$13.97$18.99

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