Those candidates considering pharmacy technician schools in Connecticut should know that the time to enroll in to the growing allied health career is today! The growth is at an all time high and we break down the whole process to become a pharmacy tech in CT for you below.

What is the process to become a pharmacy tech in Connecticut?

The process to become a pharmacy technician in Connecticut can be summarized in the next four actions.

What does a pharmacy technician do in Connecticut?

The primary responsibilities of the pharmacy tech in Connecticut center around the tasks which help the pharmacy service its clients and control its inventory. The link here shows the typical assignments that pharmacies put on their techs.

Step 1: Decide if you plan to get certified

The very first thing you will need to do is determine whether or not you plan to become certified. It is not required to have a certification to be able to work in every part of the United States, yet a growing number of employers around the nation are opting to only employ certified candidates.

Step 2: Enroll in a PTAC-approved training program

If you’ve decided to earn your certification, the next move is to register for a pharmacy technician training program that is recognized by the (Pharmacy Technician Accreditation Commission-PTAC). This body coordinates program curricula and guidelines with the Accreditation Council for Pharmacy Education (ACPE) and the American Society of Health-System Pharmacists (ASHP) to ensure standardized high quality in national pharmacy tech programs.

What’s PTAC accreditation?

Considering that only trainees who complete a training course accredited by the PTAC are immediately able to sit for either of the national certification exams, it really is crucial that you graduate from a training course that’s recognized by this organization.

Step 3: Complete the program and complete the necessary internship hours

Completing the accredited program you chose in the preceding step is going to be your next objective. Even though every program is slightly different, it is quite common for trainees to complete their academic education and internship in as little as a year.

Step 4: Successfully pass either the PTCE or ExCPT test

There are two nationally-recognized pharmacy technician certification exams – the PTCE and ExCPT. Once you have finished a PTAC-accredited program, you will become eligible to challenge either of them. You’ll acquire the national credential of CPhT (Certified Pharmacy Technician) by passing either examination.

Each of these examinations are explained in greater depth here.

What is the typical pharmacy technician salary in Connecticut?

The data table below contains the current numbers on salary available in Connecticut. All statistics and data come fro the website.

LocationPay TypeLowMedianHigh
United StatesHourly$10.27$14.86$21.98
Yearly$21,370 $30,920 $45,710
Yearly$22,300 $31,310 $48,210
New Haven, CT Metropolitan NECTAHourly$12.69$17.57$25.51
Yearly$26,390 $36,550 $53,060
Waterbury, CT Metropolitan NECTAHourly$10.52$16.00$23.04
Yearly$21,880 $33,280 $47,920
Danbury, CT Metropolitan NECTAHourly$10.35$15.12$22.60
Yearly$21,530 $31,440 $47,000
Norwich-New London, CT-RI Metropolitan NECTAHourly$11.36$14.80$21.27
Yearly$23,640 $30,790 $44,250
Northwestern Connecticut BOSHourly$10.51$14.76$19.29
Yearly$21,850 $30,710 $40,120
Bridgeport-Stamford-Norwalk, CT Metropolitan NECTAHourly$10.81$14.69$22.55
Yearly$22,480 $30,560 $46,910
Worcester, MA-CT Metropolitan NECTAHourly$10.88$14.66$22.96
Yearly$22,630 $30,500 $47,760
Springfield, MA-CT Metropolitan NECTAHourly$10.57$14.46$21.15
Yearly$21,990 $30,090 $43,980
Hartford-West Hartford-East Hartford, CT Metropolitan NECTAHourly$10.15$14.19$22.54
Yearly$21,110 $29,510 $46,890