The accredited options for medical billing and coding courses in South Dakota are detailed below and we cover the ins and outs of training. A medical biller and coder is a key healthcare professional who performs a variety of record-keeping and insurance functions. We get in to more detail about the regulatory bodies here in our free resource.

Becoming a medical coding and billing specialist in South Dakota

Being certified is not mandatory for employment as a biller or coder in South Dakota. That being said, it is highly recommended to get certified since employers are looking for certified candidates. The national certifying bodies for medical billing and coding specialists in South Dakota and across the country are detailed at the link here.

What is the process for becoming a certified biller or coder in South Dakota?

The simple step by step process for becoming a medical biller or coder in South Dakota is detailed in the following steps.

Step 1 – Do you want to get certified as a Medical Coder in South Dakota?

Before anything else, you’ll first have to figure out if you’re going to get a certification in South Dakota, or look for a position without one. This choice could impact your career in two important ways. One is the type of positions you’ll be eligible to apply for and the other is how long it’s going to take for you to become employed in the state of South Dakota.

Step 2 – Complete Medical Billing and Coding Training Program in South Dakota

Medical coding and billing programs award a few types of credentials to graduates: an associate-level degree, a bachelor’s degree, and a diploma (alternately referred to as a “certificate”). Although each credential may qualify you for entry-level medical coding and billing positions, there are several significant differences between the three types of levels of education.

How to choose a billing and coding program in South Dakota

To make sure you pick the best school for you, all you have to do is choose based on the factors that are most important to you. It can be that easy if you let it be. If cost is what matters most, than pick the cheapest school in South Dakota that is accredited.

Approved Medical Coding and Billing Classes in South Dakota

Below is the list of all the approved billing and coding programs in the state of South Dakota.

National American University-Sioux Falls 5801 South Corporate Place Sioux Falls SD 57108-4293 605-336-4600
National American University-Watertown 925 29th Street S.E. Watertown SD 57201-9123 605-884-7200
Southeast Technical Institute 2320 N Career Ave Sioux Falls SD 57107-1301 605-367-7624
Presentation College 1500 N Main Aberdeen SD 57401-1280 605-225-1634
Dakota State University 820 N Washington Ave Madison SD 57042-1799 605-256-5111
National American University-Rapid City 5301 South Highway 16 Rapid City SD 57701-2823 605-394-4800

Step 3 – Get Billing and Coding work experience or Internship in the State of South Dakota

A requirement for many of the South Dakota medical coding and billing certification tests is to have previously acquired job experience or to have completed a formal internship in the state.

Step 4 – Finish the South Dakota Medical Coding and Billing Certification Process

In the State of South Dakota, you are legally required to pass one of the nationally-administered tests for medical billing and coding certification. These assessments incorporate sections on every main area of knowledge you would’ve covered in your formal training course.

The most-popular major national certification examinations administered in South Dakota are detailed at the link here.

Medical coder and biller salary and jobs in South Dakota

In South Dakota, as well as the remainder of the country, the need is extremely high for medical billing and coding specialists. The Bureau of Labor Statistics forecasts a 15% increase in new positions across the nation and 9% in the State of South Dakota through 2024. Hospitals, physicians offices and outpatient clinics are expected to fill the majority of these new positions. The balance of opportunities should appear in the government job market.

Thanks to the fast expansion of EHRs (electronic health records) inside the healthcare industry, the medical coding and billing profession is very desirable among people considering working in health information.

The subsequent list features information on medical billing and coding specialist compensation in South Dakota by region.

LocationPay TypeLowMedianHigh
United StatesHourly$12.05$18.29$30.21
Yearly$25,070 $38,040 $62,840
South DakotaHourly$12.46$17.26$28.52
Yearly$25,910 $35,900 $59,330
Western South Dakota BOSHourly$13.60$18.12$24.15
Yearly$28,290 $37,700 $50,230
Sioux Falls, SD MSAHourly$12.55$17.95$32.07
Yearly$26,100 $37,340 $66,700
Rapid City, SD MSAHourly$12.60$17.62$27.70
Yearly$26,200 $36,650 $57,620
Eastern South Dakota BOSHourly$11.83$15.53$23.67
Yearly$24,610 $32,310 $49,230
Sioux City, IA-NE-SD MSAHourly$10.92$15.15$22.12
Yearly$22,720 $31,520 $46,000