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In our latest article below we cover what you can expect in medical coding and billing courses in Montana and how to get started in a few steps. Healthcare careers in the state of Montana are growing and medical billing and coding jobs are growing tremendously too! We get in to deep details about the career growth specifically for the state of Montana and much more. The next step towards certification as a medical biller is below!

Becoming a medical coder or biller in Montana

Montana’s medical billing and coding specialists are regulated at a national level and certifications for billing and coding are recognized from several different national bodies. If you want to see more details about the national certifying bodies, see our resource here. We do not want any bit of information to be left out of your decision making process.

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What is the process for becoming a certified coding and billing specialist in Montana?

The exact process for becoming a medical biller or coder in Montana is summarized below in the following four steps.

Step 1 – Make the choice if you are going to get certified in Montana as a Medical Coder or Biller

Before anything else, you will first need to decide if you are planning to earn a certification, or look for a position without one. Not only will this decision determine the positions you will be eligible to interview for, but it can also determine how long it’ll take before you start your career as a medical coder in Montana. Getting your coding and billing specialist certification will be the best thing you could do for your career future and will even help in the short term. Do not under estimate the benefit to getting certified in Montana.

Step 2 – Finish Your Montana Medical Coding and Billing Program

Another decision that needs to be made is whether you intend to get a an associate degree, bachelor’s degree, or a certificate. Either kind of credential is recognized by most hiring managers, but you should be familiar with the benefits and drawbacks of each. Whether you are in school for 6 months, 2 years or even 4 years, each level of education had individual benefits to them.

How to choose a billing and coding program in Montana

To get access to the best schools for you in Montana sort all the accredited programs in the state by the factors that mean the most to you. This will present the best options for you in most cases.

All the Approved Medical Coding and Billing Programs in Montana

Blackfeet Community College 504 S. East Boundary Browning MT 59417 406-338-5441-2201

Montana State University Montana State University Bozeman MT 59717 406-994-0211

Flathead Valley Community College 777 Grandview Dr Kalispell MT 59901 406-756-3822

Montana State University-Billings 1500 University Drive Billings MT 59101 406-657-2011

Great Falls College Montana State University 2100 16th Ave S Great Falls MT 59405 406-771-4300

Step 3 – Complete an internship or acquire coding and billing job experience in Montana

One of the best options for success is the completion of on-the-job experience or completed a formal internship. To help you fulfill this requirement, you will want to plan on finishing an internship or working in a non-certified job for a community employer before the conclusion of your training program. Check with your school if they have access to these programs and employers. Internships cannot be undervalued or undersold to you in anyway! They will only help you and your career preparation.

Step 4 – Successfully pass a certification exam for medical coding in MT

Medical billing and coding specialists in Montana are required to pass one of the five national certification examinations in order to finish their certification. The examinations contain segments on every main area of knowledge you would’ve covered in your training course in Montana.

The most-popular main national certification exams administered in Montana are broken down here for you. Get deep insight in to the exam preparation, what to do the day of the test and more!

Medical billing and coding salary and jobs in Montana

There’s a higher than average demand for medical coding and billing specialists in Montana. The United States Bureau of Labor Statistics forecasts a 15% growth in brand new job opportunities across the country and 19% in the State of Montana through 2024. The following listing features specifics on medical coding and billing specialist income in Montana by location. All the data that is used comes directly from the website of the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics.

LocationPay TypeLowMedianHigh
United StatesHourly$12.05$18.29$30.21
Central Montana BOSHourly$12.33$18.55$23.45
Great Falls, MT MSAHourly$13.17$17.29$23.01
Billings, MT MSAHourly$10.85$16.83$35.01
Eastern Montana BOSHourly$11.72$16.45$23.45
Missoula, MT MSAHourly$11.13$15.32$22.93
Southwestern Montana BOSHourly$11.57$15.15$24.32
Western Montana BOSHourly$10.62$14.61$21.83

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