The allied health sector is growing really fast and medical billing and coding training programs in Delaware are supporting one of the fastest growing careers in the medical field. We show the necessary steps to get certified in Delaware and you can get started in a few easy steps with our latest free resource below. The time could not be stronger for students to start today!

How to become a medical billing specialist in Delaware

The medical billing and coding profession across the country and in Delaware is regulated at a national level. Certifications for billing and coding are recognized from several different national bodies that we describe in full detail in our resource here.

What is the process for becoming a certified billing and coding specialist in Delaware?

The process for becoming a medical biller or coder in Delaware is listed below.

Step 1 – Do you want to get a certification as a Delaware Billing and Coding Specialist?

Certification is not a must for Delaware billing and coding specialists. But, it is highly recommended and will benefit your career in the long run. That being said, there are plenty of employers in Delaware hiring non-certified medical coders and billers. Make you decision wisely and don’t underestimate earning your certification.

Step 2 – Complete Delaware Medical Billing and Coding program

All Delaware medical coders and billers must attend either a bachelors degree program, an associate degree program or a certificate program to become a medical coder. If you ant to learn more about the benefits of each one in terms of medical coding, see our resource here.

How to choose a Delaware coding and billing program that is Right for you

Here is a crucial step that you can make more simple and efficient. By doing this step you ensure that the program you choose is right for you. Take all the factors that matter to you in terms of your education. Then sort your state’s schools by those factors. Once you have ranked them you will see the best options rise to the top!

Approved Medical Billing Programs in the State of Delaware

Harris School of Business-Dover Campus 97 Commerce Way Ste 105 Dover DE 19901 302-674-8060

Delaware Technical Community College-Terry 100 Campus Drive Dover DE 19901 302-857-1000

Step 3 – Get an internship or work experience in Delaware Medical Billing and Coding

A precondition for almost all medical billing and coding certification tests that are given in the state of Delaware is that the test-taker must have previously had job experience or completed a professional internship. Since this is the case, make sure you see if your respective program offer such opportunities t their students. If they do, jump on it! For it can jump start your training and career path!

Step 4 – Finish the official certification process for Delaware Medical Coders

In the State of Delaware, you are legally required to pass one of the nationally-recognized examinations for medical coding and billing certification. For more details about the exam and steps to prepare for it, see our article here.

Medical coding and salary salary and jobs in Delaware

There is a very high demand for medical coding and billing specialists around the nation and in Delaware. Whereas the Bureau of Labor Statistics projects a 15% increase in new jobs for medical billing and coding specialists across the nation through the year 2024, the agency is expecting to see a 13% increase in Delaware. Hospitals, physicians offices and outpatient clinics are projected to fill the vast majority of the new jobs. There may also be some need at registrar agencies. The following list reflects statistics on medical coding and billing specialist salary in Delaware by location.

LocationPay TypeLowMedianHigh
United StatesHourly$12.05$18.29$30.21
Yearly$25,070 $38,040 $62,840
Yearly$27,670 $37,270 $55,730
Wilmington, DE-MD-NJ Metropolitan DivisionHourly$13.55$18.51$28.73
Yearly$28,170 $38,510 $59,750
Salisbury, MD-DEHourly$12.20$17.33$27.39
Yearly$25,370 $36,050 $56,970
Dover, DE MSAHourly$12.85$15.38$26.05
Yearly$26,740 $31,980 $54,190