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Once you see the future growth for the medical coding field, enrolling in medical billing and coding programs in Colorado will seem like a wonderful idea! We show you the entry point to start and the steps to the finish line! See what the future holds with our data from, which is detailed below for you. We are all about the showcasing of the allied health sector and the healthcare industry in Colorado is doing amazing! One of the fastest growing careers is medical insurance coding and billing too. Below we get in to more detail and cover it all for you.

How to become a billing and coding specialist in Colorado

As it is throughout the country, the medical billing and coding profession in Colorado is regulated on a national level. Certifications for billing and coding are recognized from several different national bodies. Information about the national regulating organizations are detailed here at this link.

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What is the process for becoming a certified biller or coder in Colorado?

Becoming a medical biller or coder in Colorado can be summarized in the following steps laid out below.

Step 1 – Choose to become certified in Colorado as a Medical Coder or not

‘t Even though it is not law to become certified in medical coding and billing to work in the field of medical coding an billing, it is highly recommended for a few reasons. First is higher pay and second is the higher chance of getting your first job. That being said, there are still employers across the state of Colorado that do hire non-certified coders and billing specialists. If you don’t plan on getting certified make sure you look for employment options for non-certified workers. The benefit of certification in Colorado becomes more clear once you see that you can get higher pay, more job opportunities and a better career path!

Step 2 – Finish Colorado Medical Coding and Billing Specialist Training

To be a medical insurance coder in Colorado you will have to finish one of three types of education levels. They are either an associates degree program, a bachelors degree or a certificate program. Each has benefits and downsides that we cover in depth at the link here. How long you sty in school depends on the level of education you select. Expect six months to a year for a certificate, two years for an associates degree and up to four years for a bachelors degree.

How to pick a billing and coding program in the State of Colorado

Getting access to the best schooling options in Colorado for you can be really easy. Take the most important factors that matter to you in terms of education (cost or location for example), then sort all the coding and billing schools in the state by that factor. You will see the best options rise to the top of the list immediately.

Colorado Accredited Medical Coding and Billing Programs

National American University-Centennial Medical Coding Courses 8242 South University Blvd, Suite 100 Centennial CO 80122 303-542-7000

Pueblo Community College Medical Coding Courses 900 West Orman Avenue Pueblo CO 81004 719-549-3200

National American University-Colorado Springs Medical Coding Courses 1915 Jamboree Drive, Suite 185 Colorado Springs CO 80920 719-590-8300

National American University-Colorado Springs South Medical Coding Courses 1079 Space Center Drive, Suite 140 Colorado Springs CO 80915 719-208-3802

Aims Community College Medical Coding Courses 5401 W. 20th St. Greeley CO 80634 970-330-8008

Pickens Technical College Medical Coding Courses 500 Airport Blvd Aurora CO 80011 303-344-4910-27734

Concorde Career College-Aurora Medical Coding Courses 111 N. Havana Street Aurora CO 80010 303-861-1151

Emily Griffith Technical College Medical Coding Courses 1860 Lincoln Street Denver CO 80203 720-423-4700

Step 3 – Complete internship or work experience programs for medical coding in CO

A prerequisite for most medical coding and billing certification tests at a national level and in Colorado is that the student must have already completed work experience or have completed a professional internship. Most programs across Colorado do offer these programs to their students so make sure you select a school that assists you in your quest to get certified.

Step 4 – Pass a Colorado Medical Insurance Coding Certification Test

The official medical coding and billing certification tests administered in Colorado are the five major national examinations. Click on the link here to see a detailed report on the exam that is given to aspiring medical coders and billers. We cover the details for the test itself, what you can expect from the test on test day and more.

Medical billing and coding salary and jobs in Colorado

There is a higher than average need for medical coding and billing specialists in Colorado. Through the year 2024, the Bureau of Labor Statistics forecasts a an amazing 32% increase in new opportunities for medical coding and billing specialists in Colorado. Below is a list of the largest cities in Colorado and more data on medical billing and coding compensation by area and county. The data and statistics are coming from the website of the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics.

LocationPay TypeLowMedianHigh
United StatesHourly$12.05$18.29$30.21
Denver-Aurora-Broomfield, CO MSAHourly$16.10$25.15$36.79
Pueblo, CO MSAHourly$14.00$22.76$30.22
Northcentral Colorado BOSHourly$15.76$20.87$31.02
Grand Junction, CO MSAHourly$14.29$20.25$30.35
Fort Collins-Loveland, CO MSAHourly$14.48$19.76$33.01
Boulder, CO MSAHourly$15.27$19.27$31.05
Greeley, CO MSAHourly$14.40$19.17$29.33
Colorado Springs, CO MSAHourly$13.14$17.95$24.91
East and South Colorado BOSHourly$11.58$17.25$29.00
West Colorado BOSHourly$12.40$16.08$24.19

Recommended Medical Coding and Billing Classes in Colorado

Search Medical Billing and Coding Programs

Get information on Medical Billing and Coding programs by entering your zip code and request enrollment information.

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