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The latest data from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics shows great demand for qualified allied health workers in Alaska and medical billing courses in Alaska are trying to do their best to satisfy the growing demand. See the steps to get started and how you can find the best options for training are in the state of Alaska. From start to finish, we leave nothing out. The time could not be better to choose medical coding programs in Alaska!

Becoming a medical biller or coder in Alaska

Below are the certifying bodies for all medical billing and coding and the training programs in Alaska. It is regulated at a national level and you will need to be certified by one of the national bodies to become a medical coder or biller. To see all the details and information about the national regulating bodies, click here. We want you to always have the most information possible and have success in your path to certification in medical coding and billing in Alaska.

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What is the process for becoming a certified coder or biller in Alaska?

The steps for becoming a medical biller or coder in Alaska are shown below.

Step 1 – Are you are going to earn your certification in Alaska as a Medical Coder?

Making the decision whether or not to get certified is the very first step you will need to take if you’d like to start a career as a medical coding and billing specialist in Alaska. This decision is extremely important as it’s going to have a major impact on not only how long it takes you to begin your career, but additionally the types of positions you can find and how much salary you will earn. It is becoming more and more necessary and should not be understated even though it is not mandatory to work in Alaska as a medical billing specialist. The benefits far outweigh the downsides and they are benefits for the short term and the long term.

Step 2 – Complete a Medical Billing and Coding Training Program in AK

After deciding if you want to get certified in Alaska, you will need to choose the level of education you want to get. All medical coders in Alaska must get a certificate, an associates degree or a bachelors degree. For more detailed information about each level of education for medical billing specialists, click on the link here. Expect differing timelines for your education and you can expect up to four years for a bachelors degree, up to 2 years for an associates degree and 6-12 months for a certificate program.

How to compare Alaska coding and billing programs

By sorting all the Alaska medical insurance coding programs by the most important factors that matter to you and your education, you will find which school options are the best for you. It is a simple but effective strategy for choosing the right training program. Our goal is to get you as informed as possible when you decide on the right medical insurance coding and billing Specialist school for you in Alaska.

Accredited Medical Coding Programs in Alaska

Alaska Career College Medical Coding Programs 1415 E Tudor Road Anchorage AK 99507 907-563-7575

University of Alaska Anchorage Medical Coding Programs 3211 Providence Drive Anchorage AK 99508 907-786-1800

University of Alaska Fairbanks Medical Coding Programs 505 South Chandalar Drive Fairbanks AK 99775 907-474-7211

Ilisagvik College Medical Coding Programs Narl Facility Barrow AK 99723 907-852-3333

University of Alaska Fairbanks Medical Coding Programs 505 South Chandalar Drive Fairbanks AK 99775 907-474-7211

Step 3 – Get an internship or job experience in Alaska

A requirement for the majority of medical billing and coding certification exams that are given to Alaska medical coders is that the test-taker needs to have previously had job experience or finished a formal internship. Schools across the state are working with employers and have programs and agreements with companies to help assist students with their careers. Make sure you check with your respective school to see if they offer their programs. Also, make sure you do not underestimate the power of a quality internship for it can really get your career going off in the right direction!

Step 4 – Successfully Pass a Medical Billing and Coding Certification Exam in Alaska

The official medical billing and coding certification tests that are administered in Alaska are the five major national exams. To see more information about the exams, see our in-depth resource here. Check out how to prepare for the certification examination in Alaska, what to expect on the actual test and more at the link above!

Medical coder and biller salary and jobs in Alaska

The need for medical coding and billing specialists is at record levels in the great state of Alaska. The Bureau of Labor Statistics in the United States predicts a 15% growth in brand new job opportunities nationally and 13% increase in the State of Alaska through 2024. The bulk of new positions for medical insurance coders and billers in Alaska are likely to be produced in physicians offices and hospitals. The balance of openings may arise in the government job sector in the state of Alaska. The following record features specifics on medical billing and coding specialist income in Alaska by region. All the stats used are taken directly from the bls,.gov website.

LocationPay TypeLowMedianHigh
United StatesHourly$12.05$18.29$30.21
Southeast Alaska BOSHourly$17.63$25.20$36.95
Fairbanks, AK MSAHourly$16.33$21.96$29.55
Anchorage, AK MSAHourly$15.69$20.09$27.58

Recommended Medical Coding and Billing Programs in Alaska

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Get information on Medical Billing and Coding programs by entering your zip code and request enrollment information.

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