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In our latest free guide we cover locating the best options for medical assistant training in Wyoming and much more. We will also walk you through the steps in the certification process and what the pay scale and job outlook is like. Aspiring medical assistants have the chance to join one of the fastest-growing careers in the state and country. Lets get started! Almost all allied health careers in Wyoming are growing at a furious rate! But few are growing like medical assisting in Wyoming is and we get in to the deep details below!

How to become a medical assistant in Wyoming

The state of Wyoming does not mandate certification for certified medical assistant employment, but it does highly recommended it. For more information about the certifying bodies see our resource here. The path to certification is simpler and easier than you may think and cannot be undervalued or understated in anyway. We get in to all the details from start to finish and what to do to get started now!

Find Medical Assistant Schools in Wyoming Today

What is the process for becoming a medical assistant in Wyoming?

The process for becoming a medical assistant in Wyoming can be executed in the following steps.

Step 1 – Is Certification in Wyoming as a Medical Assistant for you?

Making the decision whether or not to get certified is the very first step you’ll want to take if you’d like to begin a career as a medical assistant in Wyoming. There are many upsides for doing so, from higher pay to better chances of getting hired. But, that does not mean there are out jobs out there for non-certified MAs, because there are jobs for them all across the state of Wyoming.

Step 2 – Do you want to earn your associate’s degree?

There are two different kinds of credentials that might be received by completing a formal medical assistant program – diploma or an associate degree. Either kind of credential is accepted by most hiring managers, but you need to be cognizant of the disadvantages and advantages of each one. For more details on each level of education, see our article here, it goes in to deep detail. Associates degrees take about 2 years and certificate programs are commonly taking less than a year to complete.

Step 3 – Sign-up for Accredited Medical Assistant Training in WY

Medical assistant programs in Wyoming are obligated by state guidelines to be accredited by multiple organizations including the Commission on Accreditation of Allied Health Education Programs (CAAHEP) and the Accrediting Bureau of Health Education Schools (ABHES). You need to graduate from a program sanctioned by one of these bodies if you wish to be eligible to test for certification in the state. When selecting your training options be sure to compare the schools in your state by the factors that matter most to you and your education. If you do this you will always go to the best school for you as possible. The list below is all the approved medical assisting schools and training programs in the state of Wyoming and what you can do to get started today!

Accredited medical assistant programs in Wyoming

The schools in Wyoming listed below offer medical assistant programs.

Central Wyoming College Medical/Clinical Assistant 2660 Peck Avenue Riverton WY 82501 800-735-8418

Western Wyoming Community College Medical Administrative/Executive Assistant and Medical Secretary 2500 College Dr Rock Springs WY 82901 307-382-1600

Laramie County Community College Medical Office Assistant/Specialist 1400 E College Dr Cheyenne WY 82007 307-778-5222-1357

Sheridan College Medical/Clinical Assistant 3059 S Coffeen Ave Sheridan WY 82801 307-674-6446-0

Step 4 – Finish Medical Assistant clinical training hours for WY

Graduating from an accredited course is required to become a medical assistant in Wyoming. To go forward with the certification process, every training course in the state requires that would-be medical assistants finish a specific number of instruction hours in a clinical environment. The mandated hours must be met before you’re allowed to challenge any certification tests.

Step 5 – Pass certification exam in Wyoming

Medical assistants in Wyoming need to pass one of several national certification examinations to complete their certification. The tests include segments on all principal areas of knowledge you would have studied in your course.

For more detailed information on the certification exams, see our detailed article here. From what to expect on the test to how to properly prepare for the exam, we cover it all for you in detail.

Medical assistant salary and jobs in Wyoming

Demand for medical assistants is at historic levels in Wyoming. The Bureau of Labor Statistics projects a 20% increase in the State of Wyoming through 2024. To view income data for Wyoming by region and county, feel free to take a look at the table below. All the data in the table is coming from the website if the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics.

LocationPay TypeLowMedianHigh
United StatesHourly$10.99$15.17$21.78
Yearly$22,870 $31,540 $45,310
Yearly$23,290 $31,790 $41,170
Casper, WY MSAHourly$12.54$16.28$19.20
Yearly$26,080 $33,860 $39,930
Northeastern Wyoming BOSHourly$12.04$16.01$21.12
Yearly$25,050 $33,300 $43,930
Southwestern Wyoming BOSHourly$11.12$15.48$23.10
Yearly$23,130 $32,190 $48,060
Cheyenne, WY MSAHourly$10.54$15.01$21.87
Yearly$21,920 $31,220 $45,490
Southeastern Wyoming BOSHourly$10.90$14.46$20.84
Yearly$22,680 $30,070 $43,350
Northwestern Wyoming BOSHourly$10.45$14.33$18.34
Yearly$21,730 $29,800 $38,140

Recommended Medical Assisting Courses in WY