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When a sector of employment is growing like Allied Health is, medical assistant schools in Rhode Island have to listen and react. They are listening and reacting in the state of Rhode Island and we showcase them below and more! Healthcare careers across Rhode Island are growing and are growing very fast!

That being said, few are growing like the medical assistant field is in the state of Rhode Island. The need for the “jack of all trades” medical assistant is due to the versatility of the position and the need for them in the job marketplace in allied health. With the future of healthcare growing so much, you can expect medical assisting to be a huge part of that growth and that is not just in Rhode Island but across the country. Check out all the details about the career opportunities in medical assisting in Rhode Island and what the future will hold below!

How to become a medical assistant in Rhode Island

Below are the national certifying bodies recognized in Rhode Island. A certification is not mandated for employment but it is recommended strongly. In Rhode Island, the American Medical Technologists, the American Association of Medical Assistants, the National Center for Competency Testing, and the National Healthcareer Association are all recognized as certifying bodies. The growth is amazing and the future looks very bright in Rhode Island for the job of a medical assistant. Certification is important and cannot be undervalued and we think it is a necessary step for your future career success.

Becoming a medical assistant in Rhode Island With These 5 Simple Steps

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Step 1 – Are you going to get certified or are you not Going to?

If you are deciding whether or not to get certified as a medical assistant in Rhode Island there are a few things to know. One is that it is not mandatory from the state level. Second is that it is highly recommended for your career success and will assist your growth immensely. But, it is not a must and you need to really think about whether you are going to go through with it before you start your education process. Certification in Rhode Island as a medical assistant cannot be over sold to you. It is critical for many reasons.

Even though you can work and find a job with out it, it will only help you if you are certified as a medical assistant. The speediness of career entry working as a non-certified worker is outweighed by the strengths and benefits that come from certification in the state of Rhode Island. From better pay, more job responsibilities to better employment opportunities and future, it will benefit you and your career in Rhode Island as a certified medical assistant.

Step 2 – Choose Your Training Level That Fits you

There are two options for aspiring medical assistants in Rhode Island in terms of levels of education they need to achieve to become a medical assistant in the state. They are an associates degree or a certificate level of schooling. For more details about the levels of training, click on the link here. Associate degree programs for medical assistants in Rhode island commonly take two years to finish. Most certificate programs in medical assisting in Rhode Island take six months to a year to finish. You may get in to the field faster with a certificate but the extra education gained from associate degrees can give you added benefits in the future.
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Get information on Medical Assistant programs by entering your zip code and request enrollment information.

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Step 3 – Register for an Accredited Medical Assisting Program in Rhode Island

Below is the complete list of options for medical assistant training in the state of Rhode Island.

Accredited medical assistant programs in Rhode Island

Ridley-Lowell Business & Technical Institute – Medical Assisting Courses 186 Providence Street West Warwick RI 02893 401-262-3117
Lincoln Technical Institute-Lincoln – Medical Assisting Courses 622 George Washington Hwy Lincoln RI 02865 401-334-2430-43400

Step 4 – Complete the required hours of clinical training

Clearly, completing your medical assistant training program in Rhode Island is an essential step. But it does not end there. You must complete the required clinical training to get access to your certification exam. The clinical portion of training is where you learn what the job is in a hands on environment. It is commonly considered the most important portion of training.

These required hours must be satisfied before you can be allowed to sit for any certification exams.

Step 5 – Pass Rhode Island Medical Assistant Certification Test

In the State of Rhode Island, passing a recognized licensing examination is needed for the final step in the process to become a medical assistant. After you do that you will be on the doorstep of starting your career off on the right foot.

Outlook for Rhode Island Medical Assistant Salary and Jobs

With the 4% increase in Rhode Island, medical assistants in the state have a bright future. Compare income data for Rhode Island with the data table we provide below.
LocationPay TypeLowMedianHigh
United StatesHourly$10.99$15.17$21.78
Rhode IslandHourly$13.01$16.44$20.48
Norwich-New London, CT-RI Metropolitan NECTAHourly$12.61$16.39$22.04
Providence-Fall River-Warwick, RI-MA Metropolitan NECTAHourly$12.91$16.25$20.80

Recommended Medical Assisting Courses in RI

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