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The growth opportunity for medical assistant training in Oklahoma is wonderful and we fully support all their aspiring students and healthcare workers. See how the medical field career is going to do over the next decade and what you need to do to get started.

With most allied health career fields growing at amazing rates it is a great time to get in to the healthcare fields. Healthcare careers in Oklahoma are absolutely no different and medical assisting in Oklahoma is also not any different. The time to get in to medical assisting is right now and could not be better. Because the job itself is so versatile in nature, many medical offices prefer to use medical assistants for many of their employees. From administrative work to basic medical functions, the medical assistant is there for them. Below we cover why the medical assisting field is growing so much in Oklahoma and what you can do to get in to the growing field today!

How to become a medical assistant in Oklahoma

The links below are to the national certifying bodies for medical assistants in Oklahoma. It is not required to be certified in Oklahoma but it is recommended and will only help you get hired and make more money for your work. Click here to see more details about the national certifying bodies.

Find Medical Assistant Schools in Oklahoma Below

What the Steps are for Becoming a Medical Assistant in Oklahoma?

Becoming a medical assistant in Oklahoma can be summarized in the following actions below.

Step 1 – Determine Whether Medical Assistant Certification in Oklahoma is for you

The state of Oklahoma does not have a regulation demanding certification from their aspiring medical assistants. But, it is very highly recommended for its advantages that it gives. From higher pay to a better chance at hiring, the certification makes sense in many ways. But, it is not mandatory and employers in Oklahoma do hire non-certified MAs in many cases. The benefits to getting certified cannot be overstated for they will help your career growth and future immensely. From higher pay ceilings to better chances at getting a job, a certification will work for you and your future career in medical assisting in Oklahoma.

Step 2 – Do you want to go after your associate’s degree?

Medical assistant programs award a couple of different types of credentials to students. The two options are earning a certificate and earning your associates degree. For more details about the options for education, see the detailed article here. If you are enrolled in an associates program, expect a two year timetable. If you enrolled in a certificate program expect a 6 month t one year time-frame for your education.

Step 3 – Register for an Accredited Medical Assistant Program in Oklahoma

The bodies in charge of overseeing medical assistant programs in Oklahoma include the Commission on Accreditation of Allied Health Education Programs (CAAHEP) and the Accrediting Bureau of Health Education Schools (ABHES). Only those graduates who complete their schooling at a program sanctioned by one of these bodies are allowed to challenge for certification. Below is all the CCHEP and ABHES approved schools in Oklahoma.

Accredited medical assistant programs in Oklahoma

Metro Technology Center – Medical Assisting Program
1901 Springlake Drive Oklahoma City, OK 73111-5238
Status: Continuing
Initial Accreditation Date: 4/23/1998
Degrees: Certificate
Program Director: Tamara Kersey CMA (AAMA), AAS
Phone: (405) 595-4332

Moore Norman Technology Center – Medical Assisting Program
4701 12th Avenue NW Norman, OK 73069
Status: Continuing
Initial Accreditation Date: 4/19/2002
Degrees: Diploma
Program Director: Debbie Walsh MS, RN, CCMA
Phone: (405) 364-5763 Ext -7349

Community Care College
4242 South Sheridan Tulsa, Oklahoma 74145
Phone: (918) 610-0027
Fax: (918) 610-0029
Medical Assistant – Diploma (Residential)
Initial Year Accredited: 1998
Currently Accredited Through: February 28, 2022
Contact Details: Dr. Raye Mahlberg, President

Step 4 – Complete required hours of clinical training in OK

Not only do you have to graduate from a medical assistant program that is accredited in Oklahoma, you have to complete the clinical training requirements to be eligible for certification. Your clinical training is widely considered the most important part of your education for it is the training for what you will actually be doing on the job.

Step 5 – Pass Oklahoma MA certification exam

The official medical assistant certification exams used in Oklahoma are the five main national examinations. To see a detailed look at the exam and what is on it, see our resource here. We cover the details of the exam itself, what to do to prep the correct way for the test and more.

Medical assistant salary and jobs in Oklahoma

In Oklahoma, the demand is extremely high for medical assistants. Whereas the Bureau of Labor Statistics expects a 16% increase in Oklahoma. To check out salary information for Oklahoma by region and county, be sure to take a look at the table below. The data table below is from the latest data from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.

LocationPay TypeLowMedianHigh
United StatesHourly$10.99$15.17$21.78
Yearly$22,870 $31,540 $45,310
Yearly$21,080 $28,910 $38,790
Tulsa, OK MSAHourly$10.42$14.49$18.88
Yearly$21,680 $30,150 $39,280
Southeastern Oklahoma BOSHourly$9.70$13.92$20.28
Yearly$20,170 $28,950 $42,190
Oklahoma City, OK MSAHourly$10.06$13.77$18.53
Yearly$20,910 $28,650 $38,550
Northwestern Oklahoma BOSHourly$10.14$13.34$17.68
Yearly$21,080 $27,750 $36,780
Northeastern Oklahoma BOSHourly$9.93$13.23$17.75
Yearly$20,650 $27,510 $36,910
Fort Smith, AR-OK MSAHourly$9.49$12.92$17.86
Yearly$19,740 $26,870 $37,150
Southwestern Oklahoma BOSHourly$9.84$12.55$15.20
Yearly$20,470 $26,100 $31,620
Lawton, OK MSAHourly$9.52$11.64$21.89
Yearly$19,790 $24,200 $45,520

Recommended Medical Assisting Classes in OK