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The timing is really good for aspiring allied health workers, especially those interested in medical assistant training in New Mexico. See what the hype is all about with our free data resources below. We cover the basics of CMA training and how to smoothly get from start to finish. The time could not be better to enroll with the amazing growth expected from’s latest data.

How to become a medical assistant in New Mexico

Here is a link to more details about the certifying bodies for medical assisting across the country. The state of New Mexico does not demand certification but it is recommended by most employers.

Find Medical Assistant Classes in New Mexico Below

Here is the process for becoming a medical assistant in New Mexico

Becoming a medical assistant in New Mexico is summarized by the following steps.

Step 1 -Do you Want to get Certified as a Medical Assistant in NM?

Even the state of New Mexico does not require licensing from medical assistants it is regarded as a mandatory thing to do to keep up with the norms of the field. Most employers across the state do mandate it for employment and your career will be better off because of it.

Step 2 – Do you want to earn a diploma or earn a certificate or an associate’s degree?

New Mexico medical assistant programs give two types of credentials to students. They are certificates in medical assisting and associates degrees.

Step 3 – Sign-up for an Accredited Medical Assistant Program in New Mexico

Medical assistant programs in New Mexico are required by state law to be approved by one of the national certifying agencies like the Commission on Accreditation of Allied Health Education Programs (CAAHEP) and the Accrediting Bureau of Health Education Schools (ABHES). You must graduate from a program approved by one of these organizations to be eligible to challenge for certification in the state. The list detailed below is all the approved medical assistant schools options for New Mexico.

Accredited medical assistant programs in NM

Eastern New Mexico University – Medical Assisting Program
52 University Blvd PO Box 6000 Roswell, NM 88202
Status: Continuing
Initial Accreditation Date: 10/15/1999
Degrees: Certificate
Program Director: Cheryl Ann Vineyard CMA (AAMA), CPC, MEd
Phone: (505) 624-7000

Santa Fe Community College – Medical Assisting Program
6401 Richards Ave Santa Fe , NM 87508
Status: Continuing
Initial Accreditation Date: 9/18/2009
Degrees: Certificate
Program Director: Yuri Findlay CNA, PBT
Phone: (505) 428-1907

Brookline College – Medical Assisting Program
4201 Central Avenue, N.W., Suite J Albuquerque, New Mexico 87105
ABHES ID#: I-396-03
Phone: (505) 880-2877
Medical Assistant – Diploma (Residential; Blended)
Initial Year Accredited: 2018
Currently Accredited Through: February 28, 2023
Contact Details: Mr. Peter Correa, Campus Director

Charter Institute – Medical Assisting Program
3030 E. 20th Street Farmington, New Mexico 87402
ABHES ID#: I-387-13
Phone: (505) 793-8087
Medical Assistant – Certificate (Blended)
Initial Year Accredited: 2018
Currently Accredited Through: February 28, 2022
Contact Details: Ms. Tammy Wihelm, Campus Manager

Pima Medical Institute (NW Albuquerque) – Medical Assisting Program
8601 Golf Course Road, NW Albuquerque, New Mexico 87114
ABHES ID#: I-027
Phone: (505) 890-4316
Fax: (505) 890-4460
Medical Administrative Assistant – Certificate (Residential)
Medical Assistant – Certificate (Residential)
Initial Year Accredited: 2002
Currently Accredited Through: February 28, 2019
Contact Details: Ms. Yuriana Lancaster, Campus Director
Email: Albuquerque

Pima Medical Institute (NE Alberquerque) – Medical Assisting Program
4400 Cutler Avenue NE Albuquerque, New Mexico 87110
ABHES ID#: I-190-03
Phone: (505) 881-1234
Fax: (505) 881-5329
Medical Administrative Assistant – Certificate (Residential)
Medical Assistant – Certificate (Residential)
Initial Year Accredited: 1985
Currently Accredited Through: February 28, 2023
Contact Details: Ms. Lisa Knigge, Campus Director
Email: Albuquerque

Step 4 – Complete your hours of clinical training in New Mexico

Though graduation from an approved medical assistant training program is imperative. But you won’t be able to move on to the last step unless you have done your clinical training. Each training program in New Mexico requires that would-be medical assistants finish a specific number of training hours in a clinical setting.

You are not eligible to sit for any certification examination unless you have finished the required hours.

Step 5 – Pass the NM Medical Assisting Certification Test

In the State of New Mexico, you will be required to pass one of the nationally-recognized examinations for medical assistant certification. If you want to know what is in the exam and the sections and more, click here for more details.

Medical assistant salary and jobs in New Mexico

The demand for medical assistants is at record levels in New Mexico. Whereas the Bureau of Labor Statistics projects to see a 17% increase in New Mexico. The following record provides specifics on medical assistant wages in New Mexico by location.

LocationPay TypeLowMedianHigh
United StatesHourly$10.99$15.17$21.78
Yearly$22,870 $31,540 $45,310
New MexicoHourly$10.26$13.77$18.27
Yearly$21,330 $28,630 $37,990
Santa Fe, NM MSAHourly$12.08$15.11$20.65
Yearly$25,130 $31,420 $42,950
Albuquerque, NM MSAHourly$10.77$14.07$18.32
Yearly$22,390 $29,260 $38,100
North and West Central New Mexico BOSHourly$10.61$13.96$17.88
Yearly$22,080 $29,030 $37,190
Los Alamos BOSHourly$10.25$13.85$17.68
Yearly$21,320 $28,810 $36,770
Farmington, NM MSAHourly$9.02$13.65$18.36
Yearly$18,750 $28,390 $38,190
Southwestern New Mexico BOSHourly$10.37$13.16$17.28
Yearly$21,570 $27,370 $35,930
Eastern New Mexico BOSHourly$9.89$12.98$17.39
Yearly$20,560 $27,010 $36,160
Las Cruces, NM MSAHourly$9.64$11.56$16.64
Yearly$20,050 $24,040 $34,610

Recommended Medical Assisting Courses in NM