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There is a huge amount the amazing growth for medical assistant schools in Nevada and getting started in the field now is looking more and more smart for your future.. Healthcare careers across Nevada are seeing levels of growth unseen. Below we are going to show you what to expect from the growth of medical assisting across Nevada. We get in to what to do to get started, how to choose the right school for your needs and more.

Become a Nevada Medical Assistant in 5 Simple Steps

The national certifying associations for all medical assistants in the country regulate medical assistants, not the state of Nevada. The state of Nevada recognizes these certifications and does not require you be certified for employment. To get more background on the regulating bodies, read our article here. Though it is not mandated by law to become certified, it cannot be understated how much it can help your career. From higher starting pay, to a better chance of employment, getting your medical assistant certification in Nevada is a great idea in many ways.

Get details for Becoming a medical assistant in Nevada Today

We have summarized the steps for you below on how to get started in training and get on the path to become a medical assistant.

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Step 1 – Is Certification in Nevada as a Medical Assistant for you?

The state of Nevada does not require that all its medical assistants get certified in order for initial employment in the field. But, it is something that has become clear that it helps your allied health career get off to the right start and gives you access to higher pay and more.

Step 2 – Choose a Level of Education for Your Career

For a career in medical assisting in Nevada you do not need certification but if you do plan on getting certified, you will need to attend accredited training. You will also need to pick the level of education. The two most common options are getting an associates degree and earning a medical assisting certificate.
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Step 3 – Take Accredited Medical Assistant Training in the State of NV

The two agencies regulating medical assistant courses in Nevada are the Commission on Accreditation of Allied Health Education Programs and the Accrediting Bureau of Health Education Schools. Those students who successfully finish their training at a program that is currently approved by one of these bodies becomes eligible for getting certified. Directly below are the schools in Nevada that are approved for medical assistant training. The list provided for you below is the compete listing of approved programs for medical assisting in Nevada.

Accredited medical assistant programs in Nevada

College of Southern Nevada – Medical Assisting Program
West Charleston Campus
6375 W Charleston Blvd – W4K
Las Vegas, NV 89146-1139
United States of America
Status: Continuing
Initial Accreditation Date: 10/19/2001
Degrees: Certificate
Program Outcomes
Program Director: Jessica Dycus MS, CCMA (NHA)
Phone: (702) 651-7372

Nevada Career Institute – Medical Assisting Program
3231 N. Decatur Boulevard, Suite 201 Las Vegas, Nevada 89130
ABHES ID#: I-220-01
Phone: (702) 893-3300
Fax: (702) 893-3881
Medical Assistant – Diploma (Residential)
Initial Year Accredited: 2010
Currently Accredited Through: February 28, 2022
Contact Details: Ms. Mary Ann Jefferson, Campus Director

Northwest Career College (Las Vegas) – Medical Assisting Program
7398 Smoke Ranch Road, #100 Las Vegas, Nevada 89128
ABHES ID#: I-189
Phone: (702) 254-7577
Fax: (702) 778-7319
Medical Administrative Assisting – Diploma (Blended)
Medical Assisting – Diploma (Blended)
Initial Year Accredited: 2004
Currently Accredited Through: February 28, 2022
Contact Details: Dr. Thomas Kenny, Director of Compliance

Pima Medical Institute (Las Vegas) – Medical Assisting Program
3333 E. Flamingo Road Las Vegas, Nevada 89121
ABHES ID#: I-190-07
Phone: (702) 458-9650
Fax: (702) 458-0180
Medical Administrative Assistant – Certificate (Residential)
Medical Assistant – Certificate (Residential)
Initial Year Accredited: 2003
Currently Accredited Through: February 28, 2023
Contact Details: Mr. Sam Gentile, Campus Director

Step 4 – Finish all of the Hours of Training Required in Nevada

Not only is finishing your medical assistant training in Nevada critical but completing your clinical training is mandatory to sit for the certification test.

Step 5 – Pass Nevada Certification Examination for Medical Assisting

In Nevada, passing a nationally-recognized test is needed for your medical assistant certification. To read more details about the individual exam sections, the preparation that is needed before and on the day of the exam and more, we have put together a great resource for you here.

Nevada Medical Assistant Salary, Jobs and Overall Outlook

With an astounding 36% growth in additional jobs for medical assistants in Nevada, the time to get in the field could not any better than now. The listing below features specifics on medical assistant income in Nevada by region. The data comes from the latest data from the website of
LocationPay TypeLowMedianHigh
United StatesHourly$10.99$15.17$21.78
Reno-Sparks, NV MSAHourly$12.86$16.54$22.04
Carson City, NV MSAHourly$12.72$15.89$19.39
Other Nevada BOSHourly$12.39$15.87$18.96
Las Vegas-Paradise, NV MSAHourly$11.10$14.93$19.69
Western Central Nevada BOSHourly$9.81$14.19$18.39

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