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If you want to become a medical assistant in Delaware, medical assistant programs in Delaware are looking for you at an increasing rate that is well above the national average. Medical assistants in Delaware are allied health workers who provide support to other medical team members with a number of responsibilities at assisted living facilities, physicians offices, and hospitals. There role is extremely important and they have been called the “jack of all trades” in the healthcare offices.

Healthcare careers in Delaware are growing in almost every field and medical assisting is one of the best! With baby boomers needed record amounts of healthcare and a growing population and record levels of immigration, we will need thousands more medical assistants in the future. It is an exciting future in healthcare and medical assistants in Delaware will be right in the middle of all the action. Getting started in the process to become a medical assistant is easy with our free resource and we could not be more excited about the future of the career itself! We cover all the accredited schools, the salary outlook and the details about the growth in our article below!

How to become a medical assistant in Delaware

The state of Delaware does not require licensing for medical assistants, but all DE medical assistants can seek certification through either the (AAMA) American Association of Medical Assistants and the (AMT) American Medical Technologists. To see more information about the process, check out the link here. The process of certification is laid out for you clearly and we support it strongly! The better pay, the better chances at a job and more are why. See the clear pathway towards certification in Delaware below!

See all the Steps in the process for becoming a CMA in Delaware

The steps for becoming a medical assistant in DE can be summarized below:

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Step 1 – Decide whether or not you are going to be Certified in Delaware as a Medical Assistant

The state of Delaware does not mandate licensing for its medical assistants but does highly recommended it for them. The reasons cannot be understated for they will clearly help your career! See the link here for more details about how certification will help you.

It is something that cannot be understated in anyway, for it is strongly recommended in every level! You can expect higher salaries at your jobs, better chances at getting hired and even more responsibilities at your jobs if you get your certified medical assisting certification in Delaware. The career growth with outweighs the speed and quick entry to the field non-certification gives you.

Step 2 – Do you want a certificate or an associate’s degree?

Medical assistant programs in Delaware give two different types of credentials to their students. They are in most cases, an associate degree and a certificate program. Both options are strong for your career growth and pathway. Expect a two year process for an associates degree in medical assisting and a six month to one year process for a certificate program in medical assisting in Delaware. Both have strengths to them, associate degrees give you more experience and education and certificate courses give you quicker entry in to the field but has a lower threshold of education.
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Step 3 – Take an Accredited Delaware Medical Assisting Training Program

The main organizations for certifying Delaware medical assisting schools are the (CAAHEP) Commission on Accreditation of Allied Health Education Programs and the (ABHES) Accrediting Bureau of Health Education Schools. You will have to attend and complete one of their approved courses to be able to get certified in Delaware. The list below is all the approved courses for medical assisting in Delaware state.

Accredited medical assistant training in Delaware

Delaware Technical Community College-Terry 100 Campus Drive Dover DE 19901 302-857-1000 Medical/Clinical Assistant

Harris School of Business-Wilmington Campus 1413 Foulk Road, Suite 100 Wilmington DE 19803 302-478-8890 Medical/Clinical Assistant

Harris School of Business-Dover Campus 97 Commerce Way Ste 105 Dover DE 19901 302-674-8060 Medical/Clinical Assistant

Dawn Career Institute LLC 3700 Lancaster Pike, Suite 105 Wilmington DE 19805-1511 302-633-9075 Medical/Clinical Assistant

Step 4 – Complete your clinical training hours in the State of Delaware

Finishing your clinical training in Delaware must be done along with your accredited medical assistant training. The clinical portion of your training is widely known as the most important part for it is what the actual job will be like and you get to practice the real thing before you start your career. So make sure you complete your clinical training and fully understand what you were taught in your accredited medical assistant training in Delaware!

You are not eligible to take any certification test until you have finished the mandatory hours.

Step 5 – Pass Delaware’s Medical Assistant Certification Test

Medical assistants in Delaware are required to pass one of the five national certification tests to finish their certification. For extra detailed information about how to prep for the test, what to expect the day of the test and much more, click here. We get in to the details of the examination preparation, what to do on the actual day of the test, what is on the test and more too. Our goal is for you to be totally prepared for the certification examination and know where and what to do the day of the exam.

Medical Assistant Salary and Jobs Outlook in Delaware

With such an amazing growth rate of 14% in Delaware for new jobs for medical assistants, no wonder the future looks so bright. To view income information across the state of Delaware feel free to check out the table below.
LocationPay TypeLowMedianHigh
United StatesHourly$10.99$15.17$21.78
Wilmington, DE-MD-NJ Metropolitan DivisionHourly$11.79$15.86$20.30
Salisbury, MD-DEHourly$11.05$14.47$19.60
Dover, DE MSAHourly$10.45$13.98$18.75

Recommended Medical Assisting Schools in Delaware

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