If you choose to become a Licensed Practical Nurse in Wyoming at one of the top LPN programs in Wyoming, you’ll be entering one of the nation’s fastest-growing professions. The great state of Wyoming is part of the Enhanced Nurse Licensure Compact, which is also known as the (eNLC). This enhanced version of the original NLC is a compact that allows all member state’s nurses to work in each others states under a single license as long as the requirements are fulfilled by the respective nurse.

How to become a Licensed Practical Nurse in Wyoming

To be eligible to work as an LPN in Wyoming, you will need to first graduate from a Accreditation Commission for Education in Nursing (ACEN) or the Accrediting Council for Continuing Education and Training (ACCET)-approved course, pass the NCLEX-PN national licensing test, and own a current license issued by the Wyoming Board of Nursing (click here for details). Each one of these steps are covered in detail below.

The process for becoming a LPN in Wyoming

Below are the steps in the process for becoming an LPN in Wyoming.

Step 1 – Complete the minimum prerequisites for LPN training

The very first step towards becoming an LPN in Wyoming is to make sure that you are able to satisfy the standard admission prerequisites for practical nursing training. The most-popular entrance requirements for LPN programs are shown below.

Proof of U.S. citizenship or lawful residency
Minimum ACT exam score
At least a 2.5 collective GPA in high school (or GED)

Step 2 – Pick the type of credential you want to earn

Another choice you’ll need to make is whether you intend to get a an associate degree in practical nursing or a diploma. While both credentials may make you eligible for entry-level practical nursing positions, there are some significant differences between them.

Diplomas and Certificates

The syllabus for diploma or certificate courses focuses entirely on showing you the everyday skills you’re going to make use of as a Licensed Practical Nurse, and can often be completed in 18 months. These courses are offered at a wide range of institutions, and may additionally be available online. This is a big difference from associate’s degree programs which have the same additional requirements as regular college classes.

Associate Degree

If your career goal is to move into specialized healthcare or a professional-level career, two-year associate degree courses are usually the best choice. Admission standards and costs for these courses are more substantial since they are usually offered by either traditional junior colleges or trade schools.

However, along with the greater commitment needed to earn an associate degree, comes a greater range of advantages.

Either of these alternatives is a good approach to begin your career, as long as it matches your personal objectives and financial situation. The diploma or certificate approach tends to be the best choice for people who are concerned about being capable of spending the money and time required for an associate’s degree.

The better option is typically the associate’s degree in cases where you do have a precise career objective that will require a degree at some time.

Step 3 – Graduate from a LPN training class accepted by the WY State Board of Nursing

Licensed Practical Nurse classes in Wyoming are mandated by state guidelines to be approved by the Wyoming State Board of Nursing (Wyoming State Board of Nursing). Only those students who complete their education at a program approved by these organizations are able to test the NCLEX-PN.

How to compare WY LPN training programs

You should get started by listing, in order, the things which are most-important for you about a program. In case you’re concerned with tuition expenses, start your search by figuring out which programs fit into your budget. After that, go on to the second-most important thing (e.g. course availability, etc.) and use that criteria to further narrow your choices.

Applying this approach, it is possible to limit your options down to only a handful of schools. Ensuring that the program you choose fits your personal situation can greatly boost your likelihood of graduating.

Accredited Licensed Practical Nurse classes in Wyoming

Below is the complete list of Accredited LPN training schools in the state of Wyoming.

Northwest College 231 W 6th St Powell WY 82435 307-754-6000

Western Wyoming Community College 2500 College Dr Rock Springs WY 82901 307-382-1600

Casper College 125 College Drive Casper WY 82601-4699 307-268-2110

Sheridan College 3059 S Coffeen Ave Sheridan WY 82801 307-674-6446-0

Laramie County Community College 1400 E College Dr Cheyenne WY 82007-3299 307-778-5222-1357

Step 4 – Take the NCLEX-PN assessment

In Wyoming, you’ll be legally required to pass the nationally-administered NCLEX-PN test to become licensed as a LPN. This examination includes sections on each major area of knowledge you would’ve been exposed to in your training program.

Click here for more details about the NCLEX-PN.

Step 5 – Pass the NCLEX-PN and Start Towards Your Career in WY as an LPN

In Wyoming, and the rest of the nation, the demand is very high for licensed practical or vocational nurses. Whereas the Bureau of Labor Statistics projects a 16% increase in brand new openings for LPNs across the country through 2024, the organization expects to find a 8% increase in Wyoming. offices of other health care practitioners, hospitals and physicians offices are anticipated to fill the majority of these new jobs.

To view income information for Wyoming by location and county, please take a look at the data shown below.

LPN salary in Wyoming

LocationPay TypeLowMedianHigh
United StatesHourly$15.63$21.20$29.05
Yearly$32,510 $44,090 $60,420
Yearly$35,800 $45,780 $57,120
Northwestern Wyoming BOSHourly$19.43$23.06$29.35
Yearly$40,420 $47,950 $61,050
Casper, WY MSAHourly$17.17$22.59$28.08
Yearly$35,720 $46,990 $58,410
Southeastern Wyoming BOSHourly$17.10$22.53$29.30
Yearly$35,560 $46,850 $60,940
Southwestern Wyoming BOSHourly$17.80$21.73$24.46
Yearly$37,030 $45,190 $50,870
Northeastern Wyoming BOSHourly$17.00$21.71$25.02
Yearly$35,350 $45,150 $52,040
Cheyenne, WY MSAHourly$16.55$21.06$24.12
Yearly$34,430 $43,800 $50,170