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The best time ever for enrollment in LPN training in South Dakota may be now! See more details below with our latest article and we get in to the details from bls,gov too. South Dakota is also a member state in the Enhanced Nursing Licensure Compact (eNLC). The Enhanced Nursing Licensure Compact allows nurses to work in other member states under one license as long as the requirements are met. With many of the wonderful healthcare careers in South Dakota also growing fast it is a great time to get in to practical nursing in South Dakota.

Find South Dakota Practical Nursing Classes Below

Becoming a LPN in South Dakota

To be able to work as an LPN in South Dakota, you will need to first finish a LPN training course approved by the South Dakota Nursing Board, pass the NCLEX-PN national licensing examination, and hold a current license issued by the SD Nursing Board. Each one of these steps are covered in detail in the following section. The candidate will apply to the South Dakota Board HERE and also register with Pearson VUE to take the NCLEX-RN exam HERE.

What is the process for becoming a certified LPN in South Dakota?

The process for becoming an LPN in South Dakota is shown below.

Step 1 – Meet the standard prerequisites for South Dakota Practical Nurse Training

As finishing a professional accredited LPN training program in South Dakota is a necessary first step in becoming an LPN in the state of South Dakota, you should first ensure that you’ll be able to satisfy program admission prerequisites.

Step 2 – Pick the type of LPN credential you want to acquire in the State of South Dakota

The second decision you will have to make is whether you intend to earn a an associate degree in practical nursing or a diploma. Get more data about the credentials here.

Step 3 – Register for an Approved Licensed Practical Nurse Class in South Dakota

Candidates must attend courses in South Dakota have to be accredited by the (South Dakota Nursing Board) if they want to get licensed and become a working licensed practical nurse in South Dakota.

SD Board of Nursing Approved LPN training in South Dakota

Here is the complete list of South Dakota practical nurse programs that are approved by the South Dakota Board of Nursing.

Lake Area Technical Institute LPN Program
Watertown, SD
Patricia Foley, MS, RN
FULL Higher Learning Commission (HLC) Accreditation and Accreditation Commission for Education in Nursing (ACEN) Accreditation

Mitchell Technical Institute LPN Training
Mitchell, SD
Carena Jarding, DNP, RN
INTERIM HLC Accreditation

Sinte Gleska University LPN Classes
Mission, SD
DeAnn Eastman-Janssen, MS, RN
FULL HLC Accreditation

Sisseton Wahpeton College LPN Training
Sisseton SD
Nola Ragan, MS, RN
FULL HLC Accreditation

Southeast Technical Institute LPN Course
Sioux Falls SD
Kristin Possehl, MSN, MEd, RN
FULL HLC Accreditation

Western Dakota Technical Institute LPN Training
Rapid City SD
Christi McArthur, BSN, RN
FULL HLC Accreditation

Step 4 – Enroll in to and Take the NCLEX-PN examination in South Dakota

Licensed practical nurses in South Dakota are required to pass the NCLEX-PN examination to earn their license in South Dakota. A sampling of subject matter often covered on the NCLEX-PN assessment, what to do the day of the exam, how to properly get ready for the test and much more is detailed here.

Step 5 – Pass the NCLEX-PN and get on the Path to LPN Success in South Dakota

Pass the final examination for licensing (NCLEX-PN) and you will just about ready to start your LPN career in South Dakota!

Practical Nurse salary in South Dakota

The need for practical nurses is at record levels in not only South Dakota, but across the entire U.S. Up through 2024, the Bureau of Labor Statistics projects a 1% gain in new positions for LPNs in South Dakota. The subsequent list provides data on LPN salary in South Dakota by region.
LocationPay TypeLowMedianHigh
United StatesHourly$15.63$21.20$29.05
South DakotaHourly$13.69$17.71$22.64
Western South Dakota BOSHourly$13.83$18.27$23.42
Rapid City, SD MSAHourly$15.25$18.24$22.52
Sioux City, IA-NE-SD MSAHourly$15.72$18.02$22.45
Sioux Falls, SD MSAHourly$13.65$17.56$22.49
Eastern South Dakota BOSHourly$13.30$17.32$22.63

Recommended Practical Nurse Classes in South Dakota