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Anyone looking to become a Home Health Aide in Wisconsin should know that it is one of the growing healthcare careers in Wisconsin. The excitement level is so high because home health aides across Wisconsin are seeing such a high demand and the next decade looks so bright for the job as a whole. In the article below we will cover the steps to get your HHA certification in Wisconsin, how to find the best HHA classes in WI and much much more!

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How to Become a Home Health Aide in Wisconsin

IF you want to see details on what home health aides do on a day to day basis see our article here. For the steps to becoming an home health aide in the great state of Wisconsin, just keep on reading, because we cover it all below.

What is the Next Step for Becoming a Home Health Aide in Wisconsin?

In the section below we’ll take an in-depth glance at the required steps for becoming a Home Health Aide in Wisconsin.

Step 1 – Finish high school or earn your G.E.D.

All aspiring home health aides in Wisconsin must have either their H.S. diploma or their GED.

Step 2: Register for a WI state-approved Home Health Aide training program

Most employers who take Medicare or Medicaid from their clients have to hire certified individuals in order to be eligible for the government aid. Due to the fact that many employers do use this, it is imperative that you get your HHA certification in Wisconsin.

Search Home Health Aide Programs

Get information on Home Health Aide programs by entering your zip code and request enrollment information.

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Accredited Home Health Aide Programs in Wisconsin

Waukesha County Technical College 800 Main Street Pewaukee WI 53072-4601 262-691-5566 Home Health Aide/Home Attendant
Northcentral Technical College 1000 Campus Dr Wausau WI 54401-1899 715-675-3331 Home Health Aide/Home Attendant

Step 3: Finish your Home Health Aide classes in Wisconsin

Naturally, passing your Wisconsin accredited Home Health Aide training if you want to be a HHA is an absolutely vital step. And it is! Immediately after passing your training classes, the Wisconsin requires that a person train for 120 classroom hours and 32 clinical hours before they are eligible for taking the Wisconsin HHA certification examination.

Step 4: Pass the Wisconsin HHA certification exam

The home care aide certification examination in WI is always taken in two parts. A clinical and written section. Each serve their own purpose, which is to see if you are qualified to work as a home health aide. You will get your certification in a couple weeks in most cases. Click here for a more detailed look at the HHA exam.

Outlook for Home Health Aide pay in Wisconsin

Right now there is a strong demand for HHAs and in Wisconsin with predicting a 28% increase in brand-new jobs in the state of Wisconsin through 2026. Directly below is a more in depth description of HHA pay in Wisconsin by area in Wisconsin. All data sets come directly from the website of

LocationPay TypeLowMedianHigh
United StatesHourly$8.65$10.87$14.72
Racine, WI MSAHourly$8.08$15.08$19.66
Southwestern Wisconsin BOSHourly$9.12$13.63$18.18
Madison, WI MSAHourly$10.26$13.33$16.88
Minneapolis-St. Paul-Bloomington, MN-WI MSAHourly$10.16$12.98$15.77
Milwaukee-Waukesha-West Allis, WI MSAHourly$8.97$12.75$17.03
Duluth, MN-WI MSAHourly$9.93$12.43$15.00
Eastern Wisconsin BOSHourly$9.84$11.87$14.83
Green Bay, WI MSAHourly$9.95$11.82$16.87
Eau Claire, WI MSAHourly$9.33$11.31$15.09
West Central Wisconsin BOSHourly$9.76$11.25$14.32
South Central Wisconsin BOSHourly$9.40$11.08$14.34
Lake County-Kenosha County, IL-WI Metropolitan DivisionHourly$9.26$10.87$13.97
La Crosse, WI-MN MSAHourly$9.51$10.82$14.17
Fond du Lac, WI MSAHourly$8.78$10.78$12.14