Should you decide to become a Home Health Aide in Indiana, you will be joining an incredibly fast-growing medical field professions in the country. A HHA is a general medical care provider who executes various support services for clients in home care environments. This is one of the reasons behind why Home Health Aides are sought after entry-level jobs in the medical field due to the fact that no college degree is needed to be able to start your career. Along with that, the training and certification prerequisites can usually be fulfilled inside of a couple of months.

In this article we go over all of the actions included in the decision-making process and the specific actions required to become a HHA.

How to Become a Home Health Aide in Indiana

The HHA’s daily job tasks focus on standard patient care and support. This generally means tracking the patient’s overall health and delivering support with activities such as bathing and feeding. As was described previously, the Home Health Aide in Indiana serves pretty much on their own in home care settings. Some examples of duties performed by HHAs can be viewed in this guide on how to become a Home Health Aide.

What is the Process for Becoming a Home Health Aide in Indiana?

In the section below we will take a more in-depth glance at the necessary steps for becoming a Home Health Aide in the State of Indiana.

Step 1 – Earn your high school diploma or GED

Getting your high school diploma is a basic foundation to finding work in any specialized job. The same is the case with regards to working in medical care. There are positions in the field that can be secured without a high school education, but they typically have very little room for advancement.

If shopping for a HHA certification program, you may also find that most educators require students to hold a G.E.D. or diploma before registration. Take the time to complete this first step, and you can prevent a huge number of obstacles during your career.

Step 2: Sign-up for a Indiana-accredited HHA program

There are a variety of reasons to get professional instruction and become your certification. The most significant reason is that employers who take Medicare or Medicaid from their customers must hire certified individuals to be able to be eligible for the government assistance.

Step 3: Graduate from your Home Health Aide program and any state-required hands-on training hours

Naturally, passing your Indiana accredited Home Health Aide classes if you want to be a HHA is an absolutely necessary step. And it is! After successfully passing your training course, the state of Indiana requires that you train for 75 classroom hours and 16 clinical hours before being qualified for the taking of the Indiana Home Health Aide certification examination.

Step 4: Pass the Indiana Home Health Aide certification exam

The examination is given in two parts, a written and a clinical part. The written section is to show your knowledge and assessment ability. The clinical portion is to examine if you have the capabilities necessary for the job and see what you have learned in your approved instruction. You will receive your certification in a couple weeks in most situations.

Outlook for Home Health Aide salary in Indiana

Indeed there is a strong country-wide need for HHAs and in Indiana with predicting a 41% increase in new jobs nationwide and 40% in Indiana through 2026. The following is a more in depth description of Home Health Aide pay in Indiana by area and county in Indiana.

LocationPay TypeLowMedianHigh
United StatesHourly$8.65$10.87$14.72
Yearly$17,990 $22,600 $30,610
Yearly$17,640 $22,540 $29,320
Columbus, IN MSAHourly$9.11$13.46$15.25
Yearly$18,940 $27,990 $31,720
Bloomington, IN MSAHourly$9.82$11.24$15.51
Yearly$20,420 $23,370 $32,260
Kokomo, IN MSAHourly$8.17$11.20$14.61
Yearly$16,990 $23,290 $30,400
Indianapolis-Carmel, IN MSAHourly$8.63$11.17$14.33
Yearly$17,960 $23,240 $29,810
Southwest/ Southeast Indiana BOSHourly$8.31$10.90$15.18
Yearly$17,280 $22,670 $31,570
Northwest Indiana BOSHourly$9.16$10.82$12.14
Yearly$19,050 $22,510 $25,240
Gary, IN Metropolitan DivisionHourly$8.09$10.72$18.18
Yearly$16,830 $22,300 $37,820
Cincinnati-Middletown, OH-KY-IN MSAHourly$8.99$10.68$12.86
Yearly$18,700 $22,210 $26,760
Michigan City-La Porte, IN MSAHourly$8.01$10.67$14.82
Yearly$16,650 $22,200 $30,820
Louisville-Jefferson County, KY-IN MSAHourly$8.45$10.65$13.73
Yearly$17,580 $22,160 $28,560
Muncie, IN MSAHourly$8.55$10.63$12.14
Yearly$17,790 $22,120 $25,260
Fort Wayne, IN MSAHourly$8.45$10.61$12.37
Yearly$17,570 $22,080 $25,730
Northeast Indiana BOSHourly$8.33$10.51$13.15
Yearly$17,320 $21,860 $27,340
South Bend-Mishawaka, IN-MI MSAHourly$8.79$10.48$12.23
Yearly$18,280 $21,800 $25,440
Terre Haute, IN MSAHourly$8.09$10.29$12.06
Yearly$16,820 $21,390 $25,080
Evansville, IN-KY MSAHourly$8.10$9.75$14.28
Yearly$16,850 $20,280 $29,710