For those who decide to become a HHA (Home Health Aide) in Arkansas, you’re going to be joining one of the fastest-growing health care careers in the United States. A HHA is a basic medical care provider that carries out numerous assistance services for patients in home care environments. This is one of the reasons why HHAs are sought after entry-level jobs in health care because of the fact that no degree is necessary in order to begin your career. Not only that, the training and certification requirements can in most situations be satisfied within a few months.

Below we are going to go over all the steps included in the decision-making process and the actual steps required to become a Home Health Aide.

How to Become a Home Health Aide in Arkansas

The HHA’s actual duties focus on basic patient care. This generally involves tracking the patient’s condition and delivering support and required assistance with tasks such as feeding and bathing. As was discussed previously, the HHA in Arkansas operates more-or-less by themselves in home care locations. Specific illustrations of duties carried out by Home Health Aides can be viewed in this guide on becoming a Home Health Aide.

What’s the Next Step for Becoming a HHA in Arkansas?

Below we take an in-depth look at the required steps for becoming a HHA in Arkansas.

Step 1 – Complete high school or get your G.E.D.

Receiving your high school diploma is a basic foundation to becoming employed in any type of professional job. Working in the healthcare field is no different. While it is possible to secure some starting positions without at least a G.E.D., you will eventually find that your opportunities for growth are minimal.

When looking for a Home Health Aide certification class, you will also find that almost all programs require students to have a diploma or G.E.D. before enrollment. Take the time to finish this first step, and you can prevent a huge number of obstacles over your career.

Step 2: Sign-up for a state-approved Home Health Aide class

There are a number of reasons to get professional training and become your certification. The greatest reason is that businesses who accept Medicare or Medicaid from their clients are required to employ certified individuals to qualify for the government assistance.

Step 3: Graduate from your HHA class and any required hands-on training hours

Naturally, passing your Arkansas accredited Home Health Aide classes if you want to be a HHA is an important step. And it is! Immediately after successfully passing your training course, the Arkansas requires that a person train for 75 classroom hours and 16 clinical hours before becoming eligible for the taking of the Arkansas HHA certification examination.

Step 4: Pass the Arkansas Home Health Aide certification exam

The test is given in two sections, a clinical and a written component. The written section is to show your knowledge and assessment ability. The clinical portion is to verify that you have the skills required for the job and view what you have learned in your recognized instruction. You will get your certification inside of a couple weeks in most instances.

Outlook for HHA pay in Arkansas

There is a high national demand for Home Health Aides and in Arkansas with forecasting a 41% growth in brand new jobs nationally and 16% in Arkansas through 2026. Below is a more in depth breakdown of HHA salary in Arkansas by area and county in Arkansas.

LocationPay TypeLowMedianHigh
United StatesHourly$8.65$10.87$14.72
Yearly$17,990 $22,600 $30,610
Yearly$15,930 $19,240 $24,130
Little Rock-North Little Rock-Conway, AR MSAHourly$8.20$10.28$12.17
Yearly$17,050 $21,370 $25,320
Memphis, TN-MS-AR MSAHourly$7.94$9.79$12.93
Yearly$16,510 $20,360 $26,890
Pine Bluff, AR MSAHourly$8.02$9.59$11.42
Yearly$16,680 $19,940 $23,740
Fayetteville-Springdale-Rogers, AR-MO MSAHourly$8.27$9.32$11.71
Yearly$17,190 $19,390 $24,350
Jonesboro, AR MSAHourly$8.11$9.26$11.39
Yearly$16,870 $19,260 $23,690
South Arkansas BOSHourly$7.65$9.26$11.61
Yearly$15,920 $19,250 $24,150
Fort Smith, AR-OK MSAHourly$8.18$9.19$12.17
Yearly$17,020 $19,120 $25,310
Hot Springs, AR MSAHourly$8.20$9.15$11.59
Yearly$17,050 $19,030 $24,120
Texarkana, TX-Texarkana, AR MSAHourly$7.66$8.86$26.04
Yearly$15,930 $18,430 $54,170
Central Arkansas BOSHourly$7.65$8.55$10.29
Yearly$15,920 $17,790 $21,400
West Arkansas BOSHourly$7.65$8.27$10.99
Yearly$15,920 $17,200 $22,850
East Arkansas BOSHourly$7.65$8.17$9.62
Yearly$15,920 $16,990 $20,010