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The (WVOEMS) West Virginia Office of Emergency Medical Services is the body of oversight for all EMT training in West Virginia and all its working emergency medical technicians. There are multiple types and levels to EMT careers in West Virginia. There is the EMT Industrial and the Standard EMT. EMT-Industrial careers require less training and those individuals that carry the title can only work on industrial properties and work-sites (mines and manufacturing sites).

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What is the process to become an EMT in West Virginia?

Follow the steps we lay out below and you can go about becoming an EMT in West Virginia.

1 – Meet training enrollment requirements
2 – Finish an approved EMT course with at least (150 training hours)
3 – Create Continuum account online
4 – Submit an online application and pay the certification fee
5 – Pass background check
6 – Submit CPR card copy
7 – Pass written and practical exams from NREMT or the WV State Initial Examination

Step 1: Satisfy Enrollment Demands

All candidates for EMT training have to be physically fit and able to have the manual dexterity to do the job (crawling, bending etc) and have good vision for the job. The age requirement in WV is 18 years of age.


Step 2: Finish Approved EMT Training in West Virginia

WV EMT candidates must pass approved training for eligibility to take assessment exams for their EMT certification. WE have provided all the approved training options for you below.

24-7, Safe Response (OSHA), Target Solutions and Medic-CE are also approved EMT training options in West Virginia

How long does WV EMT training take in the State of WV?

Training in West Virginia is mandated to be a minimum of 150 hours in length.

Step 3: Earn a CPR Card

Proof of a CPR certificate will have to be shown when you apply for your EMT license in the state of West Virginia. Most programs offer CPR certificates in their training, but of yours does not, check with your school and see where they refer their students to go.

Step 4: Pass NREMT or West Virginia State Initial Certification Test

There are two options for certification testing in West Virginia and they are the certification exams from the (NREMT) The National Registry of Emergency Medical Technicians or the The West Virginia State Initial Certification test. Pay the fee for each test and pass the written and practical exams and you will be on your way to registering with the state for your license as an EMT!

For more details on the exams for EMT certification see our article here.

Step 5: Get your name included on EMT Registry and Get Licensed in WV

If you take the NREMT exams or the West Virginia State Initial Certification test, you can qualify to get registered on the EMT registry from the NREMT. Pay the fee and apply to get on the list. Applying for your license is the last step to becoming an EMT and you can do that by applying to the state and meeting all the requirements that we listed above.

What’s the Average EMT salary in West Virginia?

Average EMT pay in West Virginia is $12.85 per hour and $26,720 per year.

LocationPay TypeLowMedianHigh
United StatesHourly$10.52$16.05$27.40
West VirginiaHourly$9.34$12.85$19.42
Washington-Arlington-Alexandria, DC-VA-MD-WVHourly$13.15$23.71$37.80
Cumberland, MD-WVHourly$12.02$17.27$23.23
Hagerstown-Martinsburg, MD-WVHourly$11.10$16.97$24.20
Charleston, WVHourly$10.04$13.93$21.02
North Central West VirginiaHourly$9.25$13.43$18.58
Southern West VirginiaHourly$10.17$12.98$17.88
Morgantown, WVHourly$9.99$12.57$19.43
Wheeling, WV-OHHourly$9.37$12.46$18.13
Weirton-Steubenville, WV-OHHourly$8.60$12.16$17.35
Huntington-Ashland, WV-KY-OHHourly$8.86$12.07$19.91

The Jobs Outlook for EMTs in West Virginia

We expect an 8% rise in EMT jobs across West Virginia over the next decade, which is just below the national average.

Approved EMT Training Programs in West Virginia

The programs below are approved by the West Virginia Department of Health and Human Resources.

Blue Ridge Community and Technical College
13650 Apple Harvest Drive
Martinsburg WV 25403

Southern West Virginia Community and Technical College
Dempsey Branch Road
Mount Gay WV 25637

Mountwest Community and Technical College
One Mountwest Way
Huntington WV 25701

New River Community and Technical College
280 University Drive
Beaver WV 25813-8987

BridgeValley Community & Technical College
2001 Union Carbide Dr South
Charleston WV 25136

Pierpont Community and Technical College
1201 Locust Ave
Fairmont WV 26554