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The Washington State Department of Health has mandated by law that all emergency medical technicians have to attend EMT training in Washington that has their full approval. Follow our guide below and we will show each step that is needed to make becoming an EMT in Washington State come to fruition!

Enroll in to EMT Training in Washington Now


How to Become an Emergency Medical Technician in Washington

There are requirements that have to met for program enrollment (we cover them below). All candidates will have attend and complete training that is approved and they will have to get an EMT certification to work as an EMT in Washington.

Step 1: Satisfy Entrance Requirements

Students can start EMT training in Washington at 17 years old but they must be 18 years old when it is completed. A prerequisite in Washington that is ulike other states is the requirement of completing an AIDS/HIV training before enrollment. You can find approved course here. After passing the training you can start your EMT training.

Step 2: Complete Accredited EMT Programs in WA

As we mentioned above, nobody can become a working EMT in Washington without passing approved EMT training and getting certified. We make finding approved classes easy by listing the approved courses for you below.


How long does Washington EMT training take?

According to the specific training course, EMT programs in Washington State can often be finished in between 2 and six months.

The list shown below reflects the typical number of training hours for different types of EMT courses in WA.

Step 3: Get Yourself CPR Certified

You will have to get an approved CPR certificate to get access to the certification exams from the NREMT in Washington State. If your selected program does not include it in the course, make sure you ask the school where they recommended getting a CPR certificate. You are not going to be the only one who needs to get one.

Step 4: Pass the National Registry EMT Exams

Washington State uses the National Registry for EMTs certification process for their certification testing. It is nationally recognized and is the best way to test the skills and overall knowledge base of future EMTs. There is a testing fee that has to be paid every time the test is taken. After passing the exams, one can apply for registration and licensing.

See more details about the exams here.

Step 5: Become State Licensed and Registered on the National EMT Registry

Get on to the National registry by paying the fee and applying. It will also be necessary to apply to the state for your license. There are fees associated with applying to the state.

EMT Salary in Washington

Average pay and salary in Washington for EMTs is $76,040 per year and $36.56 per hour. As you can tell the EMT field pays quite well in Washington State.

LocationPay TypeLowMedianHigh
United StatesHourly$10.52$16.05$27.40
Seattle-Bellevue-Everett, WAHourly$15.72$40.55$49.30
Olympia, WAHourly$12.09$39.64$49.84
Bremerton-Silverdale, WAHourly$20.53$38.89$47.91
Tacoma, WAHourly$15.81$36.89$53.57
Kennewick-Pasco-Richland, WAHourly$11.59$32.28$48.01
Southwestern WashingtonHourly$16.76$31.92$40.22
Lewiston, ID-WAHourly$11.96$28.32$46.88
Portland-Vancouver-Hillsboro, OR-WAHourly$13.73$23.65$41.42
Spokane, WAHourly$11.29$19.42$23.55
Central WashingtonHourly$13.11$18.60$49.41
Eastern WashingtonHourly$11.46$16.94$45.23
Wenatchee-East Wenatchee, WAHourly$11.40$15.63$24.19
Northwestern WashingtonHourly$11.26$12.29$45.98

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EMT Jobs in Washington

The expected 24% surge in the demand for EMTs across the state of Washington is a testament to the overall growth of the field as a whole and what the future holds for it.

Washington State Department of Health Approved EMT Programs in WA

North Seattle College
9600 College Way
North Seattle WA 98103-3599

Tacoma Community College
6501 S 19th St
Tacoma WA 98466-6100

Everett Community College
2000 Tower Street
Everett WA 98201

University of Washington-Seattle
Campus 1400 NE Campus Parkway
Seattle WA 98195-4550

Central Washington University
400 East University Way
Ellensburg WA 98926-7501

Pierce College-Fort
Steilacoom 9401 Farwest Dr SW
Lakewood WA 98498-1999

Centralia College
600 Centralia College Blvd.
Centralia WA 98531-4099

Columbia Basin College
2600 N 20th Ave
Pasco WA 99301