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EMT training in Vermont is a great idea for those looking for a growing allied health career in the state! The Vermont Department of Health regulates all EMTs in the state and they mandate that all EMT candidates have to complete approved EMT training and they have to earn a certification for licensure. Below we will walk you through each step in the process to become an EMT in Vermont from enrollment to licensing!

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How you can Become an EMT in Vermont

Vermont has 12 EMS districts and they all have an EMT training coordinator in charge of the training for all EMTs in that region. Aspiring emergency medical techs will have to contact the training coordinator for their region and sign uo for accredited training. All EMT training in Vermont must be approved by the guidelines set by the National Association of Emergency Medical Technicians.

Step 1: Contact Regional EMT Training Coordinator

As we mentioned above, Vermont has 12 regions and each one has a specific EMT training coordinator. Contact them to apply for your EMT training program. There is a class schedule from the Vermont Department of Health here. Candidates to become EMTs have to be 18 years of age.


Step 2: Finish an Accredited EMT class in VT

The state of Vermont has a mandate of completing approved training to become an EMT. Once you contact your regional coordinator, you can apply for training. Once you finish your training you can sign up for the NREMT certification exams from the National Registry of Emergency Medical Technicians.

Vermont Department of Health Approved EMT Training in Vermont

Vermont Technical College
124 Admin Drive
Randolph VT 05061

Step 3: Get a CPR-BLS Credential

You will have to get CPR certified to move on to your EMT certification exams. It can typically be completed inside your EMT program. If it is not inside of your training curriculum, be sure to contact your school and see where they recommended going to get a CPR certification. Organizations like the Red Cross are great choices in most cases.

Step 4: Pass the National Registry EMT Exam

All Vermont emergency medical techs have to pass both NREMT examinations (written and practical). The tests have a fee for each time it is taken and once you pass the exams, you can register in Vermont for the EMT license and get registered on the National EMT Registry.

Get more insight on the NREMT exams here.

Step 5: Become Licensed in VT and Registered on the National Registry

Vermont EMTs have to get on to the National Emergency Medical Technician Registry. Pay the $80 fee and apply to get listed. You will then need to apply for your license by applying to the Vermont Department of Health.

How much do EMTs make in Vermont?

The average salary and hourly wage for EMTs in Vermont is $33,920 per year and $16.31 per hour.

LocationPay TypeLowMedianHigh
United StatesHourly$10.52$16.05$27.40
Burlington-South Burlington, VTHourly$12.64$16.96$23.43
Southern VermontHourly$12.35$16.72$24.76
Northern VermontHourly$10.01$14.29$22.54

Vermont EMT Job Outlook

The Bureau of Labor Statistics is predicting a 14% increase in new opportunities for emergency medical techs across Vermont. That is above the national average.