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See our great resources below to get on the pathway to become an emergency medical technician in South Dakota. The South Dakota Department of Health oversees all EMTs in the state and we have all the approved programs and walk you through what you need to do to get started today!

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How you can become an EMT in South Dakota

Emergency Medical Technicians (EMTs) and Paramedics in South Dakota will need to graduate from a postsecondary educational class. The State of South Dakota additionally requires all of its EMTs and Paramedics being licensed. Regardless of the fact that EMT certification standards may vary slightly among states, the five steps highlighted in the following section are pretty universal.

Step 1: Graduate from high school or get your G.E.D.

No matter which career you decide to go after, earning a high school diploma should always be considered the first step. When considering employment opportunities in the healthcare field, this is particularly true. And even in cases when it is feasible to secure employment without a high school diploma, the jobs often don’t offer much in the way of pay or opportunities for growth.

When shopping for an EMT certification class, you will also find that all schools require trainees to have a G.E.D. or diploma prior to enrollment. Put in the time to complete this first step, and you can prevent a tremendous number of road blocks over your career.

Step 2: Finish an accredited EMT program in South Dakota

You have to graduate from an accredited, state-authorized EMT training course. Before taking the exam, you will need to give evidence of having graduated from a course in the last two years, and should in addition be registered on the National Registry (read below). EMT training is most often provided by junior colleges, trade schools, hospitals, online and universities. Certain programs may also be available at fireman and police training academies.

South Dakota Department of Health Approved EMT Programs in South Dakota

Below are the SD Dept. of Health approved EMT Classes. We provide the course numbers for you too.

Course # 1629
Location: L.A.T. (Online)
Date: Open Enrollment
Contact: Jeremy Robertson
605-520-8863 or Email

Course # 1776
Location: Online
Date: Open Enrollment
Contact: Katheryn Benton

Course # 1905 (Online)
Location: Sioux Falls
Date: 11/11/18 – 02/23/19
Contact: Julie Swenson

Course # 1906 (Online)
Location: Sioux Falls
Date: 01/23/18 – 05/15/19
Contact: Julie Swenson

Course # 1908
Location: Conde
Date: 01/05/19 – 03/10/19
Contact: Keith Sharisky
605-626-7660 or 605-715-9270

Course # 1909
Location: Sturgis
Date: 11/01/18 – 03/31/19
Contact: Shawn Fischer

Course # 1911
Location: Kyle
Date: 10/16/18 – 02/02/19
Contact: Chris Burton

Course # 1912
Location: Huron
Date: 11/13/18 – 03/09/19
Contact: Ron Hines

Course # 1914
Location: Sisseton/Milbank
Date: 11/13/18 – 03/12/19
Contact: Myrna Fuller

Course # 1915
Location: Faith
Date: 12/01/18 – 04/18/19
Contact: Kris Escott

Course # 1920
Location: Gettysburg
Date: 01/08/19 – 05/18/19
Contact: Beth Hamburger

Course # 1921
Location: Armour
Date: 01/24/19 – 03/21/19
Contact: Brian Baldwin

Course # 1922
Location: Sioux Falls
Date: 03/17/19 – 06/26/19
Contact: Julie Swenson

Course # 1923
Location: Aberdeen
Date: 01/07/19 – 04/24/19
Contact: Keith Sharisky

Course # 1924
Location: Sioux Falls
Date: 01/29/19 – 05/18/19
Contact: Sanford Health

Course # 1927
Location: SDSU-Brookings
Date: 01/07/19 – 04/29/19
Contact: Barbara Booton

Course # 1929
Location: Garretson
Date: 01/15/19 – 04/13/19
Contact: Brenda Sinning

Course # 1930
Location: Mobridge
Date: 01/03/19 – 05/04/19
Contact: Kate Roesler

Course # 1931
Location: WDTI-Rapid City
Date: 01/07/19 – 05/10/19
Contact: Mary Grassrope

Course # 1933
Location: Spearfish
Date: 01/08/19 – 05/09/19
Contact: Andy Binder

How long is SD EMT Training?

You ought to figure on investing at least two to six months in training to become an Emergency Medical Technician in South Dakota.

Step 3: Earn a CPR-BLS credential

Students need to have a CPR-BLS credential for “Healthcare Providers” for Emergency Medical Technician candidacy. So as to be recognized, a certification program should be approved by the American Heart Association. Among the largest, and most-popular providers of certification training is the American Red Cross.

Step 4: Pass the National Registry EMT Exam

There are two unique components to the EMT certification exam: The Cognitive Exam (based on overall knowledge) and the Psychomotor Exam (testing your skills demonstration). The knowledge section is typically finished online while the skills demonstration is done on location and in-person. Both sections of the National Registry EMT Exam are discussed in more detail directly below.

Click here for more details about the EMT Certification exams.

Step 5: Have your name added onto the National EMT Registry

After completing EMT training, all students will need to get added on the National Emergency Medical Technician Registry within 30 days of becoming certified. There is an $80 fee required to get listed. Having your name included on this list is the final step needed to become eligible for hire as an EMT.

Emergency Medical Technician pay in South Dakota

The following data table using data from breaks down EMT salary in South Dakota in greater detail.

LocationPay TypeLowMedianHigh
United StatesHourly$10.52$16.05$27.40
South DakotaHourly$10.29$13.44$20.81
Sioux City, IA-NE-SD MSAHourly$12.22$16.63$34.84
Rapid City, SD MSAHourly$10.70$15.77$27.96
Eastern South Dakota BOSHourly$10.81$13.76$18.37
Western South Dakota BOSHourly$10.16$12.60$18.20
Sioux Falls, SD MSAHourly$10.01$12.34$20.16

The job prospects for EMTs in South Dakota

The healthcare industry overall in South Dakota is going through extraordinary growth, keeping with the national trend. The Bureau of Labor Statistics expects a 8% growth in EMT and Paramedic jobs also during the subsequent decade.