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Oversight of EMT training in South Dakota is one of the many responsibilities of the The South Dakota Department of Health. They require completion of accredited EMT training, that you get a national certification and that you get licensed in the state of South Dakota to become an EMT. Lucky for you we have that all covered for you below. We will go through each and every step you will have to take to get to the end of your certification and licensing pathway.

Locate Approved EMT Programs in South Dakota Now


How you can Become an EMT in South Dakota

Meet all training course entrance requirement that each school you are considering has. If you can pass a background check and are 18 years old you can become an EMT in South Dakota if you just follow each step we lay out below for you.

Meet Program Entry Demands for South Dakota

Each school or training program may have different program entry requirements and you will have to satisfy them for the ability to take their approved training. Once you meet the entry demands, you can start looking at schools and training options near you and across South Dakota.

Step 2: Finish an accredited EMT program in South Dakota

State guidelines and regulations from the SD Dept. of Health state that all EMT students have to graduate from approved EMT training to be able to take the certification exam and get their license. South Dakota uses the NREMT national registry standards and tests for certification. Once you pass training (and a final exam in most cases), you will be able to sign up to take the NREMT exams at a PearsonVUe testing center near you.


South Dakota Department of Health Approved EMT Programs in South Dakota

Below are the SD Dept. of Health approved EMT Classes. The list is always being updated with the current courses.

Course # 1629
Training Site – L.A.T. (Online)
Date of Training – Open Enrollment
Point of Contact – Jeremy Robertson

Course # 1776
Training Site – Online
Date of Training – Open Enrollment
Point of Contact – Katheryn Benton

Course # 1943
Training Site – WDT – Rapid City
Date of Training – 08/19/19 – 12/13/19
Point of Contact – Mary Grassrope

Course # 1946
Training Site – Sioux Falls
(School of EMS)
Date of Training – 09/04/19 – 12/19/19
Point of Contact – Julie Swenson

Course # 1947
Training Site – Pine Ridge
Date of Training – 06/18/19 – 08/08/19
Point of Contact – Cristy Hawk

Course # 1948
Training Site – Sioux Falls – Sanford Health (HOSA)
Date of Training – 08/12/19 – 12/14/19
Point of Contact – Robert Keys

Course # 1949
Training Site – Sioux Falls – Sanford Health (Stevens Center)
Date of Training – 08/26/19 – 12/14/19
Point of Contact – Robert Keys

Course # 1950
Training Site – Vermillion
Date of Training – 09-05-19 – 11-28-19
Point of Contact – David Kyte

Course # 1951
Training Site – Buffalo
Date of Training – 08/27/19 – 12/14/19
Point of Contact – Annette Slaba

Course # 1952
Training Site – Eagle Butte
Date of Training – 07/09/19 – 10/03/19
Point of Contact – Harold Tiger

Course # 1954
Training Site – Martin
Date of Training – 07/25/19 – 10/30/19
Point of Contact – Shelley Babby
605-685-6622 x 1135

Course # 1956
Training Site – Aberdeen
Date of Training – 08/28/19 – 12/16/19
Point of Contact – Keith Sharisky

Course # 1958
Training Site – Box Elder
Date of Training – 09/08/19 – 12/31/19
Point of Contact – Theresa Mellen

Course # 1959
Training Site – Sturgis
Point of Contact – Shawn Fischer

Course # 1960
Training Site – Rosebud
Point of Contact – Eric Emery

Course # 1961
Training Site – Eagle Butte
Date of Training – 08/20/19 – 12/29/19
Point of Contact – David Ouellette

Course # 1962
Training Site – Belle Fourche
Point of Contact – Donnie Walding

Course # 1963
Training Site – Custer
Point of Contact – Ruth Airheart

How long is SD EMT Training?

Your training will consist of a minimum of 165 hours of training.

Step 3: Earn a CPR-BLS credential

All students in training to be an EMT will have to get CPR certified. It can be at an approved outside agency or in your training as long it is at an approved location. Check with your training course to see what they recommend and if they offer it in their curriculum.

Step 4: Pass the National Registry EMT Exam

There is a National Registry for EMTs and they run the national certification exam in South Dakota and in most states. It is two separate tests that cover what you should know from your training classes. To be able to get your certification and license you will have to pass each of them. There is a fee with each time you take the NREMT exam.

Click here for more details about the EMT Certification exams.

Step 5: Get Your License and Added to the National Registry

The NREMT also manages a national listing of approved and certified EMTs. You will need to get on the registry (pay $80 fee and pass NREMT) and apply to the State of ND Department of Health for your EMT license after completing training and getting properly certified as an EMT.

Emergency Medical Technician Pay in South Dakota

The average salary of an EMT in South Dakota is $13.44 per year and $27,950 per hour. The following data table using data breaks down EMT salary in South Dakota in greater detail.

LocationPay TypeLowMedianHigh
United StatesHourly$10.52$16.05$27.40
South DakotaHourly$10.29$13.44$20.81
Sioux City, IA-NE-SDHourly$12.22$16.63$34.84
Rapid City, SDHourly$10.70$15.77$27.96
Eastern South DakotaHourly$10.81$13.76$18.37
Western South DakotaHourly$10.16$12.60$18.20
Sioux Falls, SDHourly$10.01$12.34$20.16

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Outlook for EMT Jobs in South Dakota

The healthcare field is going through extraordinary growth and in South Dakota the Bureau of Labor Statistics expects an 8% growth in EMT and Paramedic jobs.