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If you take accredited EMT training in Rhode Island it has to be approved by the Rhode Island Department of Health as well in order for you to be eligible for an EMT certification in RI. See every step it takes to start a career in the high demand allied health field in Rhode Island today!

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What are the Steps to Become an EMT in Rhode Island?

In Rhode Island you will have to meet all enrollment demands from your selected program, pass training approved by the Rhode Island Department of Health, pass the NREMT certification test and after successfully doing each one of those, you can then register for your license as an EMT in the state of Rhode Island.

Step 1: Be 18 Years Old and Have a HS Diploma/GED

All candidates for attending EMT training in Rhode Island have to be at least 18 and have their HS diploma/GED to gain entrance in to approved courses.

Step 2: Take and Complete Approved EMT Classes in RI

Everyone interested in becoming an EMT in Rhode Island has to finish an approved EMT training course. Once a candidate graduates, they can register for taking the NREMT certification tests and go for their EMT certification. Below we have gathered the complete listing of all the approved EMT classes in Rhode Island.


Rhode Island Department of Health Approved EMT Programs in RI

Below we list out all the approved EMT classes in Rhode Island arranged by city. All courses are approved by the RI Dept. of Health.

East Providence

National EMS Institute Inc.
860A Waterman Avenue
Educational Resources Group
410 North Broadway


Winward Consulting
49 Wellstown Road, Ashaway


Jamestown Fire Department
50 Narragansett Avenue


Ozga EMS Training 1395 Atwood Avenue
Emergency Training of Rhode Island
952 Plainfield Street – Unit 2


Community College of RI, Flanagan Campus
1762 Louisquisset Pike

Community Training Center
25 Southwick Drive

North Providence

American Safety Programs
622 Woonasquatucket Avenue


Brown University
13 Brown Street

Community College of RI, Liston Campus
1 Hilton Street

Roger Williams University, Providence Campus
1 Empire Street


911 Programs
175 Metro Center Boulevard
Community College of RI, Knight Campus
400 East Avenue


Westerly Ambulance
30 Chestnut Street

Step 3: Have a Current CPR-BLS certification for Healthcare Providers

A CPR-BLS credential for “Healthcare Providers” is mandatory in Rhode Island for EMT candidacy. Make sure you either attend a program that includes CPR certificates or you will need to get one at an outside source like the Red Cross. You should ask your school about for they will send you to an approved training center if they do not provide it to you in training.

Step 4: Take and Pass the National EMT Tests

Taking the NREMT certification tests is what stands between candidates and their certifications. If is two exams that have a written and physical skills parts. Once you pay the testing costs and pass the exams, you can register for your license in Rhode Island and get on the National EMT Registry.

Click here for details about the EMT Certification exams.

Step 5: Get Licensed and Get on EMT Registry

After getting your EMT certification you have 30 days t get listed on the national registry for EMTs. You will have to pay a fee of $80 for registering with them. You will also need to register with the state of Rhode Island for your license to work as an EMT. Send applications to the Division of Emergency Medical Services in Providence, Rhode Island. A background check will also be performed at this point.

What’s the Median EMT Salary in Rhode Island?

The median salary in Rhode Island for emergency medical technicians is $36,290 per year and $17.45 per hour. See more information below with our detailed salary table.

LocationPay TypeLowMedianHigh
United StatesHourly$10.52$16.05$27.40
Rhode IslandHourly$12.89$17.45$24.43
Norwich-New London, CT-RIHourly$11.33$18.61$30.89
Providence-Fall River-Warwick, RI-MAHourly$12.65$17.74$27.72

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Job Outlook for EMTs in Rhode Island

The projected 11% surge in the number of new job opportunities for emergency medical techs in Rhode Island is great news for future emergency services workers.