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All requirements and standards for EMT training in North Dakota come from the North Dakota Department of Health. It is a state wide mandate to complete approved training in order to get your EMT certification in North Dakota. We will go through each and every step on the pathway to licensing for this wonderful healthcare career in the state of North Dakota.

Pick From Approved EMT Programs in North Dakota


What is the Process to Become an EMT in North Dakota?

All you have to do is meet any entrance requirements, pass approved training and pass the certification tests to become a EMT in North Dakota. We go through each step in detail below.

Graduate from a ND EMT training course

All candidates to become an EMT in North Dakota must first graduate from a ND Department of Health approved EMT course. After completing the training, you can then sign up for taking of the certification examination offered in North Dakota, which is the NREMT. Here is a link to the calendar of approved training courses from the ND Department of Health.

Get CPR Certified

CPR certification is often included in the training curriculum in North Dakota EMT programs. If your training does not have it included, you will then have to get a certificate at an agency like the Red Cross.

Pass the National Registry EMT Exam

North Dakota makes their EMT students take the NREMT certification tests for licensing. Candidates must pass both of their exams to become certified as an EMT in North Dakota. PearsonVue is the testing provider used in North Dakota and you will have to go to their testing centers to take the NREMT.

Here is a link to a detailed breakdown of the EMT exams.

Have Your Name Added to EMT Registry

Within 30 days after getting certified, you will have contact the National Registry for EMTs to get your name added to the registry. It costs $80 and and takes a few days to process.

North Dakota Department of Health Division of Emergency Medical Services 600 East Boulevard Ave Dept 301 Bismarck, North Dakota 58505 (701) 328-2388

Emergency Medical Technician Salary in North Dakota

LocationPay TypeLowMedianHigh
United StatesHourly$10.52$16.05$27.40
North DakotaHourly$8.24$14.15$26.88
Grand Forks, ND-MNHourly$9.67$20.27$27.74
Far Western North DakotaHourly$9.81$16.15$29.79
East Central North DakotaHourly$8.32$15.45$24.17
Bismarck, NDHourly$8.13$13.79$28.51
West Central North DakotaHourly$7.96$12.92$26.96
Far Eastern North DakotaHourly$9.85$11.83$26.63
Fargo, ND-MNHourly$7.79$9.36$23.64

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Job outlook for Emergency Medical Technicians in North Dakota

The medical field is experiencing historic growth in North Dakota. This phenomenon is true for EMTs and Paramedics with the showing a 30% surge in new EMT jobs across the state of North Dakota.