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You may or may not know that becoming a dental assistant in Rhode Island is much easier than you may think. Below we get in to all the facts and information about dental assistant schools in Rhode Island. Dental assisting is a growing medical field and there is a ton of growth across Rhode Island.

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Becoming a Dental Assistant in Rhode Island is Easier Than you Know

There are no minimum educational or training requirements to work as a dental assistant in Rhode Island. The Rhode Island state dental practice act provides a list of all the supportive tasks that a Rhode Island dental assistant can do on the job and perform with direct supervision of their licensed dentist. More details about the Rhode Island state requirements can be found at this link here. If a dental assistant holds a valid certification from DANB (the CDA certification), they can perform expanded duties if they train properly in the specific function and are supervised.

Dental Assistant Courses in Rhode Island Approved by CODA

Community College of Rhode Island
Dental Health Department
1762 Louisquisset Pike Lincoln 02865

Dental Assistant Outlook for Salary and Jobs in Rhode Island

The growth of Rhode Island jobs for dental assistants is growing through the next decade and below you can see what the salary outlook is like across the state.

LocationPay TypeLowMedianHigh
United StatesHourly$12.24$17.76$25.00
Rhode IslandHourly$14.47$19.57$24.36
Norwich-New London, CT-RIHourly$14.63$20.42$26.48
Providence-Fall River-Warwick, RI-MAHourly$14.88$20.11$24.48

Recommended Rhode Island Dental Assisting Schools