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Starting the right steps to gain access to and enrolling in to dental assistant programs in Oklahoma is a step your future and career will appreciate. Healthcare jobs across Oklahoma and the nation are seeing record growth and dental assisting is right in the middle of that growth!

The Top Dental Assisting Schools in Oklahoma


How to Become a Dental Assistant in Oklahoma

Anyone looking at becoming a dental assistant in Oklahoma will be required to get a permit from the Oklahoma State Board within 30 days of gaining employment as a dental assistant. The supervising licensed dentist is responsible for the training and supervision of the dental assistant. Any dental assistant on Oklahoma who wants to perform Coronal Polishing/Topical Fluoride application, monitor Nitrous Oxide administration or apply Sealants will have to go about the steps necessary to earn the status of (EDDA) Expanded Duty Dental Assistant. Attending and completing a CODA-accredited dental assisting program in Oklahoma will earn this status and title. Coronal Polishing/Topical Fluoride application certification is done by the completion of the 14-hour Oklahoma Board-approved training with an expanded a clinical portion to the training. Sealant certification requires the attainment of the the Coronal Polishing/Topical Fluoride certification and the completion of the 12-hour Oklahoma Board-approved training with an expanded a clinical portion. Nitrous Oxide certificationrequires the full completion of the 12-hour Oklahoma Board-approved training.

All Dental Assisting Programs in Oklahoma Approved by CODA

Rose State College
6420 Southeast 15th Street Midwest City 73110

Dental Assisting – Moore Norman Technology Center
4701 12th Avenue NW Norman 73069
405-801-5432 x 6523

Dental Assisting – Metro Technology Center, Health Careers Center
1720 Springlake Drive Oklahoma City 73111

Dental Assisting – Francis Tuttle Technology Center
12777 N. Rockwell Ave Oklahoma City 73142-2789

Dental Assisting – Tulsa Technology Center
3350 S. Memorial Dr. Tulsa 74147

Dental Assisting – Western Technology Center
2605 E. Main St. Weatherford 73096
580-772-0294 x125

Dental Assisting Jobs and Salary Outlook for Oklahoma?

There is an expected 8% growth in new openings for Oklahoma dental assistants for the next decade and the table provided below is the outlook for salary across the state for dental assistants.

LocationPay TypeLowMedianHigh
United StatesHourly$12.24$17.76$25.00
Northeastern OklahomaHourly$12.08$17.07$23.23
Lawton, OKHourly$11.75$16.86$23.32
Tulsa, OKHourly$11.43$16.86$23.02
Fort Smith, AR-OKHourly$12.15$16.72$21.73
Oklahoma City, OKHourly$12.34$16.41$22.36
Northwestern OklahomaHourly$12.43$15.26$23.50
Southeastern OklahomaHourly$12.42$15.08$18.98
Southwestern OklahomaHourly$12.43$14.62$21.29

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