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Getting started in the process to become a dental assistant in Ohio is a lot easier than you may think. Check out the steps below with our latest article. We cover what it takes from deciding on a school, to getting certified in the state of Ohio as a dental assistant.

The Best Dental Assistant Courses in Ohio


What is the procedure to become a dental assistant in Ohio?

The four-step process for becoming a dental assistant in Ohio is shown below. Lets get started!

Step 1 – Graduate from high school or earn your G.E.D.

Getting your high school diploma is one of the important foundations to becoming employed in any type of skilled position. Working in the medical field is no different. And even in cases where it is possible to secure employment without your high school diploma, the jobs often do not offer much in the way of salary or chances for advancement.

Step 2: Enroll in an Ohio CODA-accredited training course

The second step in becoming eligible to work as a certified dental assistant is to sign-up for training courses that are approved by the Commission on Dental Accreditation (CODA). Dental assistant courses across the country are governed by the CODA, who operates to standardize training in the industry all-around the country. It is positively essential that you finish a course accredited by the CODA, as only those students who are graduates of an approved training program in Ohio are eligible to take either of the national certification exams.

All the CODA Approved Dental Assisting Classes in Ohio

Dental Assisting – Herzing University – Akron Campus
1600 S. Arlington Street Suite 100 Akron 43306 330-724-1600 x70123
Program Director: Ms. Phyllis Neal
Discipline Code: DA
Accreditation Status: Discontinued
Last Accreditation Visit: 2012

Dental Assisting – Fortis College Cuyahoga Falls
National Institute of Technology
2545 Bailey Road Cuyahoga Falls 44221 330-923-9959 x4647
Program Director: Ms. Angela Eckman
Discipline Code: DA
Accreditation Status: Approval with Reporting Requirements (teach-out)
Last Accreditation Visit: 2017
Next Accreditation Visit: 2024

Dental Assisting – Eastern Gateway Community College
4000 Sunset Boulevard Steubenville 43952 740-266-9666
Program Director: Ms. Tammy Graham
Discipline Code: DA
Accreditation Status: Approval with Reporting Requirements
Last Accreditation Visit: 2018
Next Accreditation Visit: 2025

Dental Assisting – Choffin Career and Technical Center
200 East Wood Street Youngstown 44503 (330) 744-8749
Program Director: Ms. Paula Oliver
Discipline Code: DA
Accreditation Status: Approval without Reporting Requirements
Last Accreditation Visit: 2013
Next Accreditation Visit: 2020

Step 3: Graduate from an Ohio training course and necessary hands-on training hours

Graduating from the accredited course you selected in the previous step is going to be your next order of business. Even though each program is a little different, it is very typical for students to complete their academic education and internship in as little as 12 months.

The classroom portion of your coursework is likely to incorporate all of the principles and procedural-type content that is going to be found in the certification assessment. In regards to the hands-on section of the training, this is where trainees get hands-on experience in a live dental office setting.

Step 4: Pass the NELDA or CDA Certification Exam

In order to get a nationally-recognized dental assistant certification, you will need to pass the NELDA or CDA exam. After you have graduated from a CODA-approved course, you will become able to challenge either one of them. You will acquire the national credential of Certified Dental Assistant (CDA) by passing either exam.

Let’s take a better look at these assessments here.

Dental assistant pay in Ohio

The data reported by the Bureau of Labor Statistics below reflects the latest numbers on salary offered in Ohio.

LocationPay TypeLowMedianHigh
United StatesHourly$12.24$17.76$25.00
Yearly$25,460 $36,940 $52,000
Yearly$26,520 $36,500 $53,370
Dayton, OH MSAHourly$13.44$18.99$27.98
Yearly$27,950 $39,490 $58,200
Springfield, OH MSAHourly$12.09$18.37$27.11
Yearly$25,140 $38,210 $56,390
Cincinnati-Middletown, OH-KY-IN MSAHourly$14.07$18.35$26.03
Yearly$29,260 $38,180 $54,140
Columbus, OH MSAHourly$12.29$18.28$31.90
Yearly$25,550 $38,020 $66,350
Akron, OH MSAHourly$11.31$17.87$23.80
Yearly$23,510 $37,160 $49,500
Toledo, OH MSAHourly$13.17$17.66$25.46
Yearly$27,400 $36,730 $52,960
Other Ohio BOSHourly$12.94$17.52$24.39
Yearly$26,910 $36,450 $50,740
Mansfield, OH MSAHourly$12.80$17.44$23.17
Yearly$26,620 $36,270 $48,200
Cleveland-Elyria-Mentor, OH MSAHourly$13.02$17.24$22.90
Yearly$27,080 $35,850 $47,630
Lima, OH MSAHourly$11.21$17.14$22.53
Yearly$23,320 $35,660 $46,860
Youngstown-Warren-Boardman, OH-PA MSAHourly$12.87$16.50$21.56
Yearly$26,770 $34,320 $44,840
Eastern Ohio BOSHourly$11.14$16.09$30.02
Yearly$23,170 $33,460 $62,440
Southern Ohio BOSHourly$12.70$15.69$27.59
Yearly$26,410 $32,630 $57,380
Canton-Massillon, OH MSAHourly$11.67$15.49$20.76
Yearly$24,270 $32,220 $43,170
West Northwestern Ohio BOSHourly$12.50$15.24$22.19
Yearly$25,990 $31,700 $46,160
Huntington-Ashland, WV-KY-OH MSAHourly$9.74$14.34$18.92
Yearly$20,270 $29,830 $39,350
Wheeling, WV-OH MSAHourly$10.14$14.32$19.95
Yearly$21,090 $29,780 $41,490

Local Dental Assisting Schools in Ohio