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We cover the details about dental assistant schools in North Dakota from start to finish for you in the article below. With as much expected growth as we are looking at, the future is looking very good for allied health jobs in North Dakota and dental assistants specifically.

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Options for Becoming a Dental Assistant in North Dakota

The North Dakota Board of Dental Examiners is in charge of oversight of dental professionals in North Dakota. All North Dakota dental assistants must earn a valid certification in CPR. All basic chairside assisting procedures do not require any thing else beyond the CPR certification.

Qualified Dental Assistant (QDA) – If you completed a minimum of 16 hours of continuing education, complete a minimum of 650 hours of dental assisting training and successfully pass the exam on North Dakota dental practice laws and regulations. The (QDA) Qualified Dental Assistant in North Dakota must also pass the (DANB) Radiation Health and Safety and Infection Control training.

Registered Dental Assistant (RDA) – In North Dakota, becoming a (RDA) Registered Dental Assistant, passing the DANB (CDA) national Certified Dental Assistant exam is an option for getting certified or you have the option to complete a ND Dental Board approved and also CODA approved and accredited dental assisting training in North Dakota. A test on North Dakota dental practice regulations and laws must be successfully taken and passed and then verification of completion of an infection control course will need to be provided.

If you take and complete an approved sealant training course you will be able to become a (RDA) Registered Dental Assistant that is qualified to apply pit and fissure sealants.

CODA Approved Dental Assisting Programs in North Dakota

North Dakota State College of Science – Dental Assisting Program
800 N. 6th Street Wahpeton 58076-0002
Type of degree – A.A.S. degree
Find admission information here.

The North Dakota State College of Science Dental Assisting program has a strong curriculum. Program curriculum consists of general studies and courses in biodental sciences, clinical sciences, clinical practice and dental sciences. Every dental assistant program student will get over 300 hours of hands on, on-the-job training in regional dental offices. This is in addition to any courses taken by students on campus.

Dental Assisting Outlook for Salary and Jobs in North Dakota

The outlook for new jobs in North Dakota is looking really good at a growth of over 15%! Check the expected pay across North Dakota below with our data table using statistics.

LocationPay TypeLowMedianHigh
United StatesHourly$12.24$17.76$25.00
North DakotaHourly$15.78$19.55$29.54
Bismarck, NDHourly$16.74$21.52$26.25
West Central North DakotaHourly$16.20$20.60$25.97
Grand Forks, ND-MNHourly$16.08$19.75$25.88
East Central North DakotaHourly$13.26$19.51$24.69
Far Western North DakotaHourly$15.16$18.99$28.31
Far Eastern North DakotaHourly$15.67$18.65$34.69
Fargo, ND-MNHourly$15.67$18.54$34.16

Search Dental Assistant Programs

Get information on Dental Assistant programs by entering your zip code and request enrollment information.

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