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If you are interested in attending CODA accredited dental assistant courses in Kansas, you will be entering one of the great allied health professions available in Kansas. The growth of the career is strong, the pay is strong as you will see below in detail. We cover it all from start to finish for you!

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The steps to becoming a dental assistant in Kansas

All regulatory oversight in Kansas over the dental profession is handled by the Kansas Dental Board. There are two levels of dental assistant in Kansas and we get in the details about them both below.

Entry Level Dental Assistant – The basic dental assistant in Kansas has no required training or certification to work the basic function of the job.

Dental Assistant with Expanded Duties – If you want to become a Dental Assistant with Expanded Duties you will have to have to get training for different expanded duties and that training may differ for each one. For instance, to do coronal polishing you can just get training in the job by the licensed dentist. But, if you want to be able to do coronal scaling, you will have to complete a training that is approved by the Kansas Dental Board. So, if you want exoanded duties as a dental assistant in Kansas, just be sure to get clarification from the dentist on what you will need to do to make it happen and make sure to communicate with the board.

List of CODA Approved Dental Assistant Courses in Kansas

Flint Hills Technical College
3301 West 18th Avenue Emporia 66801

Labette Community College
200 S. 14th Street Parsons 67357
620-232-5820 x107

Salina Area Technical College
2562 Centennial Road Salina 67401
(785) 309-3125

Wichita State University Campus of Applied Science and Technology
Southside Educational Center 4501 East 47th Street South Wichita 67210

Dental Assisting Outlook for Salary and Jobs in Kansas

Dental assistant salary in Kansas is displayed in the data table below and the growth for the state of Kansas is looking like almost 2% for the next decade.

LocationPay TypeLowMedianHigh
United StatesHourly$12.24$17.76$25.00
Topeka, KSHourly$12.86$18.61$22.90
Kansas City, MO-KSHourly$10.20$17.35$25.16
Manhattan, KSHourly$12.97$17.35$24.93
Wichita, KSHourly$12.61$17.01$24.66
Lawrence, KSHourly$9.74$16.21$21.07
St. Joseph, MO-KSHourly$12.98$15.98$19.55
Southwest Kansas Balance of State AreaHourly$10.07$15.54$18.57
Southeast Kansas Balance of State AreaHourly$9.21$14.70$19.30
Northeast Kansas Balance of State AreaHourly$12.15$14.67$23.27
Northwest Kansas Balance of State AreaHourly$10.05$14.21$26.66