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In the guide below we will walk you through the process of find the best CNA classes in Nebraska and how to become a CNA in the state. The time could not better to join the field of nurse assisting. This entry-level position doesn’t have extensive prerequisites (certification and training requirements can usually be completed within a few months), and may make an ideal stepping stone into higher-level careers in the healthcare industry.

How to become a CNA in Nebraska

The state of Nebraska’s Certified Nursing Assistants have to satisfy the training and testing requirements that are set by the Nebraska Health & Human Services. The Nebraska Health & Human Services through the Department of Reg. & Licensure manage the Nebraska nursing aide registry.

What’s the process to become a CNA in Nebraska?

Getting certified as a Nursing Assistant in Nebraska requires these five steps:

Step 1 – Have H.S. diploma or G.E.D. equivalent

Receiving your high school diploma is a critical fundamental to becoming employed in any skilled position. Working in the healthcare field is no exception. You can find jobs in the industry that can be secured without a high school diploma, but they generally offer little room for growth. Where CNA courses are concerned, you’re going to also discover early on that most accredited programs ask students to supply proof of a high school diploma or G.E.D. before beginning classes. And so, regardless of your ultimate professional goals, be sure that you take this first step.

Step 2 – Enroll in Nebraska State approved training CNA program

The organization responsible for regulating nursing assistant training programs in Nebraska is the Nebraska Department of Health & Human Services. Only graduates who finish their classes at a program sanctioned by this body will be able to test for certification. There are a few things you should consider if you are selecting a course to attend. When comparing your possible choices, you need to take the following into consideration:

  • Find training approved by NE Dept. of Health and Human Services
  • See that at a minimum 70% of graduates have passed the state certification exam
  • Make sure that programs and classes fit your needs and schedule
  • Double check the costs and make sure you can afford them

Finding Nebraska approved CNA classes

Finishing a training program that is approved by the Nebraska Department of Health is necessary before you can test for certification in the state. Individual program sites approved by the NDHHS are listed below.

All Approved Nursing Assistant Courses in Nebraska

Albion Boone Good Samaritan Society—Albion 402-395-5050
Arapahoe Furnas Good Samaritan Society—Arapahoe 308-962-5230
Ashland Saunders Ashland Care Center 402-944-7031
Beatrice Gage Good Samaritan Society-Beatrice 402-228-3304
Bellevue Sarpy Eastern Nebraska Veterans Home 402-595-2180
Boys Town Douglas Boys Town High School 402-498-1858
Burwell Garfield Burwell High School 308-346-4150
Chadron Dawes Pine Ridge Job Corps 308-432-8664
Columbus Platte Central Community College 402-562-1451
David City Butler David Place 402-367-3144
Fairbury Jefferson Heritage Care Center 402-729-2289
Grand Island Hall Central Community College 308-398-7440
Grand Island Hall Grand Island Veterans Home 308-385-6252
Grant Perkins Golden Ours Convalescent Home 308-352-7305
Hastings Adams Central Community College 402-461-2441
Humboldt Richardson Humboldt-Table Rock-Steinauer Public Schools 402-862-2151
Kearney Buffalo Central Community College 308-338-4000
Kimball Kimball Kimball County Manor 308-235-4693
Lexington Dawson Central Community College 308-324-5936
Lincoln Lancaster Bryan College of Health Sciences 402-481-3805
Lincoln Lancaster Nebraska Health Care Association 402-435-3551
Lincoln Lancaster Providence Health Career Institute LLC 402-326-2792
Lincoln Lancaster Southeast Community College 402-437-2700
McCook Red Willow Mid-Plains Community College 308-345-8164
Macy Thurston Nebraska Indian Community College 844-440-6422
Norfolk Madison Norfolk Veterans Home 402-370-3330
Norfolk Madison Northeast Nebraska Community College 402-844-7335
North Platte Lincoln Mid-Plains Community College 308-345-8164
Ogallala Keith Indian Hills Healthcare Community 308-284-4068
Omaha Douglas Clarkson College 402-552-3396 or 402-552-6123
Omaha Douglas North Omaha Area Health Inc. (NOAH) 402-933-0737
Omaha Douglas Metro Community College 402-502-1207
Omaha Douglas Nebraska Methodist College 402-354-7100
Omaha Douglas Omaha Area Health Education Center (AHEC) 402-502-1207
Omaha Douglas Omaha Public Schools Career Center 402-557-3700
Omaha Douglas Promise Health Care Training Center Inc. 402-968-4786
Omaha Douglas Quality Living 402-573-3700
Omaha Douglas Quality Career Pathways 402-609-9583
Oshkosh Garden Regional West Garden County 308-772-3286
Papillion Sarpy Health Systems Academy/Papillion LaVista Schools 402-829-5886
Papillion Sarpy Papillion-LaVista Night School 402-898-0400
Ponca Dixon Elms Health Care Center 402-755-2233
Ralston Douglas Ralston High School 402-898-3590
Ravenna Buffalo Good Samaritan Society—Ravenna 308-452-3230
Scottsbluff Scottsbluff Western Nebraska Community College 308-635-6705
Tecumseh Johnson Johnson County Central High School 402-335-3328
York York York General Hearthstone 402-362-4333

Step 3 – Satisfy the state of Nebraska requirement for training

Clearly, graduating from your nursing assistant program is an immensely important step. To move ahead with the certification process, Nebraska mandates that prospective nursing assistants complete a total of 75 hours of classroom study and 16 hours in a clinical environment. You are not considered to be eligible to sit for the state’s certification test (the Nebraska CNA Examination) without having met this prerequisite.

Step 4 – Pass the Nebraska CNA certification test

Certified nursing assistants in Nebraska must pass the Nebraska CNA Examination to receive their certification. The test is made of a written and clinical segment. The written segment of the exam is made up of multiple-choice questions on things you covered during your coursework, and must be finished in a set time period. A test giver will guide you during the clinical portion of the test, during which you’ll need to display the patient skills you would need while on the job. A passing mark on both segments of the exam is needed in order to become certified. Nebraska uses multiple options for students to take the test to be a nursing assistants in the state. The two options in the state of Nebraska are listed below. You will need to check with the provider to learn about examination dates and times for when the next exams are going to be administered. Nebraska Health Care Learning Center Providence Health Care Institute

The Nebraska Health Care Institute charges $20 for the written exam and the cost is $32 for the clinical exam.

Step 5 – Get listed on Nebraska Nurse Aide Registry

Once you’ve taken and passed the certification test, the last step you must take to begin working as a nursing assistant in Nebraska is getting your name included on the Nebraska Department of Health & Human Services Dept. of Reg. & Licensure. Managed by the Nebraska Department of Health & Human Services, this is a record of all of the certified nursing assistants who are eligible for employment in the state. Your name needs to appear on this record to become employed in the state. No activity is generally required from you in order to make this take place. The registry is usually informed by the testing service immediately after you have passed the Nebraska CNA Examination. The normal waiting time to have your name included on the list is a few weeks in Nebraska. If you have any concerns about the registry, or your status within it, you can contact it personally using the details provided below.

Nebraska Health & Human Services Dept. of Reg. & Licensure PO Box 94986 Lincoln, NE 68509-4986

CNA salary and jobs in Nebraska

There is a higher than average demand for CNAs around the nation and in Nebraska. Through 2024, the Bureau of Labor Statistics forecasts a 12% growth in additional jobs for nursing assistants in Nebraska. The vast majority of new jobs are likely to be produced in nursing homes and hospitals. There may also be some demand at government organizations and hospitals. As previously mentioned, many of these opportunities could be great starting off points for careers in nursing (e.g. licensed practical nurses or registered nurses). The following list reflects data on nursing assistant salary in Nebraska by location.

LocationPay TypeLowMedianHigh
United StatesHourly$9.64$12.78$18.22
Yearly$20,040 $26,590 $37,900
Yearly$20,860 $25,400 $33,400
Northeastern Nebraska BOSHourly$10.13$12.88$17.71
Yearly$21,080 $26,780 $36,840
Omaha-Council Bluffs, NE-IA MSAHourly$10.11$12.53$16.04
Yearly$21,030 $26,050 $33,370
Lincoln, NE MSAHourly$9.83$12.04$15.73
Yearly$20,440 $25,050 $32,720
Southeastern Nebraska BOSHourly$9.99$12.04$15.00
Yearly$20,780 $25,050 $31,190
Central Nebraska BOSHourly$9.94$11.84$15.37
Yearly$20,670 $24,630 $31,960
Western Nebraska BOSHourly$10.03$11.75$14.81
Yearly$20,860 $24,430 $30,810
Sioux City, IA-NE-SD MSAHourly$9.96$11.68$15.54
Yearly$20,710 $24,280 $32,320

Recommended Nursing Assistant Programs in Nebraska