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With our new guide we will show you what the top CNA classes in Idaho are and how you can start your process for becoming a nursing assistant in the state of Idaho according to their guidelines and regulations. The demand for the healthcare career is very high and we are going to cover the whole process! The position of nurse aide or assistant does not have many hard requirements to satisfy and may serve as a helpful first step towards higher-level jobs in the patient care field. To see a more detailed description of the nursing aide job duties see our comprehensive guide to a CNA job as a whole.

Gain Access to Top CNA Classes in Idaho Now

How to become a CNA in Idaho

Certified Nursing Assistants (CNAs) in Idaho do not fall under the regulation of one single organization as they do in most other states. Rather, the Gem State’s nurse aides are under the joint jurisdiction of the Idaho Department of Health and Welfare (IDHW) and multiple other state agencies. Being eligible to work in Idaho requires the CNA having his or her name listed on the Idaho Certified Nurse Aide Registry.

Step 1 – Be Sure to Meet any Requirements for Idaho CNA Training

The list we have for you below is the common requirements that Idaho CNA classes put forth for enrollment in to accredited CNA training across the state.

HS diploma/GED
Earn CPR certificate (unless your training course of choice includes it in your program)
Pass background check
Pass drug test
TB test (less than 6 months old)
Tetanus, pertussis, diphtheria vaccination, 2 MMR vaccinations, titer, Chicken Pox vaccination
Flu vaccination, (During flu season)

Step 2 – Register for classes at an IDHW-approved CNA program

All CNA education in Idaho is governed and regulated by the IDHW in conjunction with the Idaho Division of Career & Technical Education (CTE). All candidates for CNA training in Idaho will have to complete an accredited program to be able to get their CNA certifications.

Locating IDHW-Approved CNA programs in Idaho

When you complete a IDHW approved CNA training program you can then take the CNA certification exam. Programs approved by IDHW are listed below. For more detailed information about regulations and trainig, see their website.

Approved Nursing Assistant Programs in Idaho

College of Western Idaho, Nampa, Idaho – (208) 562-3000

College of Southern Idaho, Twin Falls, Idaho – (208) 732-6701

Eastern Idaho Technical College, Idaho Falls, Idaho – (208) 524-3000

Idaho State University, Pocatello, Idaho – (208) 282-3372

Lewis-Clark State College, Lewiston, Idaho – (208) 792-2059

North Idaho College, Workforce Training Center, Post Falls, Idaho – (208) 769-3333

Stevens-Henager – Boise Campus, Boise, Idaho – (208) 383-4540

Step 3 – Complete the state’s requirement for training hours

To move ahead with the process of becoming a CNA in Idaho, the state of Idaho requires that potential nursing assistants complete a total of 120 hours in the classroom and 32 hours in a clinical environment. Testing for CNA certification in Idaho is not allowed without completing the required hours of training.

Step 4 – Pass the Idaho Nurse Aide Exam

Certified nursing assistants must pass the Idaho Nurse Aide Exam to finish their certification. The exam contains a written section and a clinical section.

The test is given by the national testing service Prometric. Regular monthly test sites in Idaho are typically in the towns and cities noted below. Make sure you reference the provider’s website for schedules.

  • Boise
  • Lewiston

The exam cost is currently $29 for the written test and $39 for the oral test

Step 5 – Become listed on the Idaho Certified Nurse Aide Registry

Getting your name included to the Idaho Certified Nurse Aide Registry is the final step in the process to become a CNA in Idaho. The CNA registry is managed by the IDHW and it is a list of all certified nursing assistants in the state. Your name must appear on this listing to be able to work in the state.

Once you have passed the Idaho Nurse Aide Exam, the exam provider will alert the registry about your new status. In Idaho, getting added to the list takes about 10 business days after the successful passing of the certification examination.

Idaho Certified Nurse Aide Registry
Idaho Nurse Aide Program
P.O. Box 83720
Boise , ID 83720-0009

CNA salary and jobs in Idaho

Idaho did not give their statistics as of the start of 2018 so we do not have a growth percentage for the state in terms of new CNA jobs. The following list feature below is all the Idaho information on nursing assistant salary broken down by city and region in Idaho.

LocationPay TypeLowMedianHigh
United StatesHourly$9.64$12.78$18.22
Coeur d'Alene, IDHourly$10.24$13.12$15.19
Southcentral IdahoHourly$9.31$12.74$15.03
Lewiston, ID-WAHourly$9.48$12.47$15.93
Boise City-Nampa, IDHourly$9.92$12.23$15.80
Southwest IdahoHourly$8.59$11.59$18.60
Pocatello, IDHourly$9.52$11.55$15.49
North IdahoHourly$9.69$11.54$15.16
Logan, UT-IDHourly$8.95$11.21$14.38
Idaho Falls, IDHourly$8.10$10.60$14.18
East IdahoHourly$8.17$10.52$14.41

Local Options for Accredited CNA Classes in ID